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Manage Availability to Maximize Profitability

As they strive to compete and increase revenues, airlines are faced with several market, customer and technology trends that necessitate intelligent retailing strategies for managing seat inventory.

The growth of ancillaries, codeshare partnerships, touchpoints and shopping volumes is requiring carriers to regulate availability and waitlist processes while controlling distribution channels.

Airlines need a solution that allows them to make the most of their inventory and optimize revenue streams while delivering exceptional customer service.

Capitalize on a Complete Array of Inventory Solutions

Inventory is a state-of-the-art solution for managing and processing seat availability. Using an enterprise-grade interface which supports both physical and financial controls, analysts are able to work more efficiently through data visualization, streamlined workflows and contextual navigation.

There are four key components to Inventory Management: Sophisticated O&D Controls, Partnership Availability, Single-Source Availability and Ancillary Availability. Together, they allow airlines to optimize seat management while increasing revenues through O&D enablement, point-of-sale control, dynamic availability and real-time revenue management.

Product features

Sophisticated O&D Controls

Apply flexible rules that allow airlines to adapt to new strategies and market conditions.

Partnership Availability

Access tools that optimize revenue management of codeshares to optimize partnerships.

Single-Source Availability

Synchronize inventory controls seamlessly to scalable cloud instances.

Ancillary Availability

Set inventory quotas for capacity-restricted ancillaries.

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