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Seamless Codeshare

Make Partnerships More Profitable

Codeshare partnerships are becoming more and more important to airlines. However, revenue management controls are difficult to enforce, bookings can be difficult to accept or reject and unintended transactions can dilute yields.

Carriers need a solution for alliances and joint business agreements that makes codeshare earnings a vital part of revenue management.

Optimize Codeshare Visibility to Maximize Passenger Revenue

Seamless Codeshare is a powerful connectivity solution that shares real-time availability between codeshare partners. By allowing each carrier to apply their O&D controls, they can exclusively accept those bookings that are mutually favorable from a revenue-management perspective.

In this way, codeshare partners can jointly access travel information to understand how best to market seats to passengers. Just as important, they can work together to prevent leakage and maximize sales.

Product features

Reduced revenue leakage

Minimize overbookings and lost sales due to inaccurate availability based on last seat data.

Rules per partner

Respond to varying market conditions and the uniqueness of each codeshare agreement by using partner-specific rules in SabreSonic Inventory.

O&D controls

Support journey data and financial evaluation to calculate availability using O&D controls.


Utilize automatically for all interactive availability requests from GDS or interline partners as well as all direct sales.

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