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Agency Managed Commission

Calculate and Claim Agency Commissions Automatically to Help Drive Revenue

Agencies are dependent on front-end commissions to meet their overall revenue goals. Currently, calculating those commissions is a manual process that reduces agent productivity and revenue potential. On average, it takes eight minutes to issue a commissionable ticket.

As contract complexity increases, these manual processes not only become more time-consuming, but can often result in unclaimed commissions.

Optimize Commissions and Grow Revenue

Agency Managed Commission is a one-of-a-kind product that allows agencies to automate their commission process from end to end. Not only can this increase revenue, it also boosts agent productivity. In the process, agencies are able to reduce debit memos with airlines along with associated costs.

Currently, Agency Managed Commission is exclusively available to all agencies in the United States and Canada.

Product features

Precise commission calculations

Capture the maximum applicable commission on every itinerary, every time.

Automated commission capture

Automatically apply commission amounts and ticketing instructions at the time of ticketing.

Accurate contract creation

Ensure commission contracts are entered accurately to maximize your revenue by having Sabre load commission contracts for you or choosing advanced training premium support service to apply commission rules through an intuitive agent interface.

Sabre Red 360 and Sabre API integration

Quickly identify commissionable fares and amounts with indicators displayed in Sabre Red 360 and Sabre API air shopping and pricing results.

Robust business analytics

Gain instant insight into revenue performance with analytics, reporting and dashboards.

Proven Results in the Market

After implementing Agency Managed Commission, customers have increased their preferred bookings by up to 20%. Agents were able to better track contract performance and capture more than 90% of front-end commissions.

Overall, agencies drove a 10%-20% improvement in revenue gains, debit memo reduction and automation.

If you have additional questions about Agency Managed Commission or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.