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Cargo Revenue Manager

Fill Valuable Space to Capacity

Airlines often struggle to forecast available capacity for carrying cargo. As a result, this can have a chain reaction impact on operations and other areas because of inaccurate pricing. Without an automatic way to evaluate and price incoming cargo reservation requests, carriers must estimate everything manually without always factoring in all the variables. Not only is this process time-consuming and prone to human error, it can cost airlines business due to late responses.

Optimize Cargo Volume and Revenue

Cargo Revenue Manager automates many of the manual processes involved in capacity management and booking evaluation. Even more important, it can help airlines generate additional revenue from their cargo operations. By accurately forecasting capacity and improving spot pricing decision-making, Cargo Revenue Manager can dramatically improve carriers’ efficiency. Along the way, it can boost their profitability as well.

Product features

Allotment decision support

Leverage Allotment to make decisions about customer and station-specific allotments approximately six months into the future. Access the decision-support model to optimize revenue by determining customer and station allotments and tracking allotment utilization.

Capacity flight forecasting

Apply Capacity Forecasting to accurately project capacity of flights and determine remaining inventory available to sell. Calculate payload based on a number of variables. Figure optimal overbooking levels based on average show-up rates.

Network projection and optimization

Use Demand Forecasting to estimate demand by origin, destination and rate class to maximize cargo volume and sales. Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Employ Bid Price to solve comprehensive network optimization models on a nightly basis. Profitably manage remaining space on a short-term basis by considering available capacity and remaining demand forecasts.

Cargo Revenue Manager Delivers Revenue Lifts

A Middle Eastern carrier wanted to move their operations towards a self-service environment. After implementing Cargo Revenue Manager, 80% of spot pricing that previously required analyst approval was automatically approved by the Cargo RM application. This yielded a 3% revenue lift from capacity and 1% revenue lift from network.

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