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Kiosk Check-In

Serve Customers Better with Self-Service

Pinched for time, a lot of passengers need a faster way to check in for their flights and tag their bags. They don’t always have the patience or the ability to wait for a gate agent to help them.

To take care of busy travelers, airlines need to provide them with a means to expedite matters when they’re in a rush or simply want to handle things themselves.

A Cost-Saving Solution that Takes Care of Passengers

Kiosk Check-In reduces the operational costs associated with checking-in passengers on flights. By providing a powerful solution that reduces demand on airport staff, it also allows travelers to enjoy a best-in-class customer experience.

Airlines can use Kiosk Check-In to improve their service requirements by giving passengers the ability to print boarding passes and bag tags themselves without the need to go through a check-in agent. In the process, it increases customer satisfaction while reducing overhead expenses.

Product features

Passenger identification

Use a magnetic card swipe within the application which supports credit cards in standard Visa/MasterCard format.

Travel document collection and processing

Support passport Machine Readable Zone scan/swipes. Populate elements of APIS data, if not already resident in the PNR.

Document printing

Print boarding passes for origin and connecting flights. Enable self bag-tagging at kiosk.

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