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Branded Fares

Deliver Omni-Channel Brand Consistency

In a bid to differentiate themselves, airlines are increasingly offering their passengers more fare options and greater flexibility. The challenge lies in providing a consistent experience across all distribution channels – not just their own website.

To ensure a higher level of customer service that builds loyalty, carriers must be able to provide travel agents with convenient access to updated information on available fares. Otherwise, it could cost opportunities to upsell customers, resulting in potential lost revenue.

Build Customer Loyalty with Unique Branded Fares

Branded Fares makes it possible to efficiently book and fulfill unique airline product brands with bundled features designed to appeal to specific travelers. In fact, all brands can be retrieved for all itineraries based upon the requested cabin. Not only that, everything can be accessed using traditional workflows with one-click comparisons of all available merchandising options.

By making content available across multiple touchpoints, airlines can enable easy shopping, pricing and booking. Along the way, they can create distinctive brands with multiple levels of service, each offering specific selling points, ancillary inclusions and price points.

Product features

Branded fares sales

Access airlines’ unique product brands easily. Create price/value propositions for efficient selling to add value for travelers.

Rich, visual content

View rich, visual content to amplify the value of an airline’s brand using content via RouteHappy.

Brand options notifications

Receive indication within the shopping workflow when brand options are available. Deliver the lowest fare and upsell brands for comparison.

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