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Sabre is the only partner in the industry that brings intelligent technology to life through end-to-end retailing, distribution and fulfillment. Using our connected platforms, airlines gain the commercial planning, customer sales and service, retailing, and operations support they need to deliver a superior customer experience and realize profitable growth.

As the industry’s largest technology provider, we build technology that grows when you do, easily adapts to your changing needs and seamlessly integrates across your business. Our team of world-class technologists has an eye on the future and build solutions to help airlines innovate and transform.

Together, our commercial platform, operations platform and data and analytics ecosystem form the broadest airline IT portfolio in the world. The products within these areas give airlines tools to optimize, personalize and analyze the entire life of the flight, from commercial planning through the day of operations. Underlying data & analytics solutions help airlines make smarter decisions at every touchpoint.

Distribute through Sabre to capitalize on the power of our global travel marketplace and reach almost 400,000 travel agents and millions of travelers worldwide.  Agents can shop and book your air content through our point of sale, Sabre Red 360, our corporate booking tool, GetThere, or by using Sabre’s APIs to power their custom booking tool. In today’s competitive travel landscape every opportunity for distinction, simplicity and advantage needs to be acted upon. With a powerful system and solutions that deliver at speed and scale, we help you maximize your reach.

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Available Products

  • Origin and Destination Married Segment Inspector

    The Origin & Destination Married Segment Inspector Micro-App automatically detects and reports on married-segment booking-class abuse, avoiding costly revenue leakage for airlines.

  • Codeshare

    Codeshare enables airlines to broaden their networks by placing their airline code on flights operated by partner carriers.

  • Digital Workspace

    Digital Workspace is an airport and call-center/reservations agent-facing solution.

  • Ticketing

    Ticketing enables the fulfillment of itineraries purchased by travelers directly from airlines.

  • Auto Seating

    The Auto Seating Micro-App automatically detects and assigns seats for passengers without seat assignments after the flight is open for check-in to speed up the check-in process and reduce airport wait times.