GetThere Makes it Even Easier For Corporate Travelers To Find The Best Flight Options

Provides More Intuitive User Experience for Search, Modify and Multi-Destination Booking Processes

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 8, 2004– GetThere(R), the leading provider of online corporate travel technology, today announced that it is helping travelers find the best flight options more easily. Corporate travelers using the GetThere online booking system now have an even more intuitive page for starting a search, and a more comprehensive side panel that allows them to modify various aspects of their trip without clicking back or starting over during the booking process. An improved multi-destination process also allows travelers to book complex itineraries more quickly.

Gannett Co., Inc., a media company that issues publications such as USA Today, has received very positive traveler feedback about the enhancements.

“I believe this is the most user-friendly release that GetThere has ever issued,” said Emily Hanson, manager of Travel Services at Gannett. “It’s all about increasing and maintaining adoption. The easier you make the system to use, the less reason your travelers have to book outside of the managed online program. The multi-leg booking process is so simple now that our travelers are making fewer calls for assistance, and that in turn saves us money.”

    Latest enhancements to the GetThere system include:

    --  New and Improved "Begin Search" Home Page: Travelers can now
        select air, rail, car, and hotel options at the top of the
        page, and the rest of the page will dynamically adjust based
        on traveler selections.

    --  "Modify Search" Option: A new side panel allows travelers to
        modify any part of the trip without having to start over
        during the booking process. All travel criteria can be changed
        mid-booking, including city pairs, dates and times, class of
        service, ticket type, preferred airlines, and number of

    --  Enhanced Multi-Destination Booking Process: Travelers can now
        easily enter up to seven departure and arrival options on one
        page, arriving and departing from different airports during
        different legs of the trip. New "Find City/Airport" links
        above all arrival and departure fields allow travelers to
        easily select multiple airport codes during the booking

“Many online corporate travel reservation systems offer very limited choices for travelers who want to try different alternatives during the booking process. They often get frustrated and call an agent,” said Bev Heinritz, general manager of GetThere. “GetThere’s new design allows travelers to have the best online experience, which can translate into lower costs for their company.”

Comprehensive Usability Lab Testing

Using Sabre Holdings’ Human Factors Center, GetThere extensively tested travelers’ ability to navigate and make bookings using the enhanced design. In addition to successful testing, GetThere made further improvements based on user input to make the booking process faster and easier for the corporate traveler.

About GetThere

GetThere is the world’s leading provider of online corporate travel reservation technology, and is one of the key solutions offered to the corporate marketplace by Sabre Holdings. GetThere enables global corporations and government agencies to provide a convenient way for employees to book travel and plan meetings while significantly reducing costs. GetThere’s advanced technology works with all major global distribution systems (GDS) and all travel management companies. More than 3,000 corporations, including 60 percent of the Fortune 200 companies that have online travel sites, use GetThere. More information is available at

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