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Incremental change is relative to the starting point, organizational complexity, business appetite and desired goals for each individual airline. Sabre is prepared to pace with our airline partners to meet their specific aims and objectives, carefully balancing the (sometimes competing) needs of different parts of their organizations to deliver the transition path each airline requires.

Sabre path to profits


IATA’s business case on the value creation as a result of retailing transformation validates projections from the 2019 McKinsey report to arrive at a benefit of $7 per passenger per year — or $40B — by 2030.

How did IATA and McKinsey arrive at these numbers, how realistic are they and what do airlines need to do to claim their share of the retailing prize?

The offer order transition won’t happen overnight

Sabre has created a flexible four-phase transition pathway to move airlines from where they are today (traditional PSS) towards their specific modern retailing goal (offers and orders). Our roadmap ensures that our airline partners can each choose the best transition route to arrive at the retail destination that’s right for them.

As this transformation is unlike anything the industry has undergone before – both in terms of scope and complexity – airlines must adopt the mindset that they will be operating in a semi-permanent state for a longer period compared to a traditional tech system transition. Keeping the end vision in mind is important, but airlines must adjust their focus towards the mile markers and incremental outcomes along the journey.

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Our phased transition approach focuses on flexibility while safeguarding against risks

Choosing the right tech partner is critical to retailing transition success. Sabre understands the commercial realities airlines face as well as how to balance needs of different parts of their organizations to deliver the transition path each airline requires.

A smarter way to retail

The future of airline retailing is enabled by offers and orders, and Sabre has the expertise and strategy to help you get there.  We’ve been busy laying technology foundations of an industry-leading offer- and order-based modern retailing solution. Learn more in our strategy guide for airlines.

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