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Automation increases agent productivity

Travel agents spend too much energy on manual activities. By reducing handle times and errors, our post-booking automation products help you enhance experiences for frontline team members and the travelers they serve.

Save up to 72% of agent’s time

Get up to 21% cost savings

Reduce or eliminate ADM fees

Select your path, tailor your solutions

Maximize your agency’s potential with our suite of Post Booking Automation tools. Our flexible options let you automate your way: whether accessing products directly from Sabre Red360, coding with our APIs, using modules from our off-the-shelf Automation Hub solution, or working with Developer Partners. Experience full flexibility to pick and mix what best suits your agency’s needs.

Automation Hub,
for maximum ease

Simplify manual work with our suite of post-booking automation tools. Streamline tasks like booking management, schedule changes and PNR documentation. Automate processes to save costs, reduce errors, and maintain consistent service quality.
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