Profit Manager provides an analysis tool for quantifying the impact of proposed schedule changes. The model produces forecasts of passenger traffic, passenger revenue, cargo contribution, and direct operating costs for the host airline. In addition, the model forecasts passenger traffic and revenue on all competitive services.

Product value

Profit Manager supports strategic decision making and generates incremental revenue benefits up to 3 percent. With the capability of Network Manager, it improves network connectivity and codeshare opportunities to improve revenue benefits up to an additional 1 percent.

Profit Manager Insights empowers schedulers with actionable insights to easily and efficiently evaluate complex forecasting results. Through its modernized data-storage capabilities, the solution also reduces the time to create, support and maintain reporting capabilities across the suite and gives users enhanced flexibility and drill-down analysis and consolidates numerous data sources to one place.

Complementary product

Profit Manager is more powerful with Fleet Manager.

Life of the flight

Profit Manager is beneficial in the area of schedule planning optimization.


Network Manager

Network Manager is a network optimization capability. It maximizes profitability by identifying opportunities to optimize an airline’s network by either suggesting ideal departure times or identifying the optimal flights to codeshare and to attract additional passenger demand. The system combines economic information with operational constraints to develop a fully feasible and optimal schedule.

Profit Manager Insights

Profit Manager Insights is a dynamic reporting tool built on a web-based interface. It adds business intelligence with consistent results, ease of use and actionable insights. Using best-in-class UX and workflows and leveraging data from across the organization, Profit Manager Insights gives the evolving workforce the insights necessary to easily and efficiently evaluate forecasts, create budgets, conduct what-if scenarios and conduct sensitivity analysis.

Cabin Level Forecasting

Cabin Level Forecasting is a capability of Profit Manager that improves strategic decision-making by generating forecasts by aircraft cabin. It gives airlines incremental revenue benefits up to 1 percent.

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