Crew Planner reduces resource requirements for pairing and roster construction by automating the process and helping crew planners evaluate the solution instead of constructing the solution.

Product value

Crew Planner helps build optimal and cost-effective pairings and rosters in an automated manner, enabling efficient crew resource management and utilization to deliver cost savings for airlines.

Complementary products

Crew Planner is more powerful with Crew Manager.

Life of the flight

Crew Planner is beneficial in the areas of crew resource management, capacity allocation and schedule optimization.


Pairing Optimizer

Pairing Optimizer creates cost-effective pairings (groups of flights) from the marketing schedule while maintaining full compliance with company rules, operational requirements, company cultures, specific sets of activities, contract agreements and government regulations. The created pairings become the building blocks of flight-crew rosters. It decreases costs by creating efficient pairings, taking hotel costs, per diem rates, deadheads and business and contractual rules into consideration, and thereby providing optimal pairings in a reasonable timeframe.

Roster Optimizer

Roster Optimizer creates monthly rosters for pilots and flight attendants, taking into consideration company operational objectives (such as productivity, block-hour-distribution standby coverage and crew-fairness criteria). It deceases operational costs by ensuring cost-effective, efficient and operations friendly rosters.

Coming soon: Advance Crew Planning with Sabre Travel AI ™

Airlines will soon be able to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize crew rosters and refine the manpower forecast. With new optimization that provides real-time prediction of crew roster legality, airlines can simplify the extremely complex and complicated process of crew rostering. Available beginning Q3 2021. Contact your account director or sign up to be the first to learn more.

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