Crew Access provides a powerful configuration panel for airlines through which administrators can configure the crew experience.

Product value

Crew Access is seamlessly integrated with Sabre’s crew ecosystem, providing crew with real-time access to valuable information on the go. Communication between crew and the operations control center is smooth and transparent during regular and irregular operations and powerful rules-driven self-service features enable crew to make decisions like, swapping duties or requesting ad hoc leave in a simplified manner. For the airline, automation reduces errors, saves crew schedulers’ time and other operational efficiencies. Crew Access is available through a web and a native mobile channel.

Complementary products

Crew Access is more powerful with Crew Manager.

Life of the flight

Crew Access is beneficial in the area of day of operations.


Duty Swap

Duty Swap enables crewmembers to maintain and adjust their schedules through adding, exchanging or swapping duties with other crewmembers while meeting airline requirements and maintaining adequate reserve crew coverage. This add-on module helps airlines reduce the need for reserve crew staffing, which reduces labor costs. Rules-driven automation improves efficiency and allows crew to manage their own schedules, improving work satisfaction.

Leave Manager

Leave Manager collects crewmember bids, and awards these based on configurable rules and settings defined by the airline. This rules-driven Add-on module enables Airlines to configure the settings whereby leave requests, including annual leave bidding, can be submitted by crew and auto-processed within the system.

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