Airport Check-in automates an airline’s airport operations, which empowers airlines to operate more efficiently, increase revenue opportunities, reduce costs and improves the passenger experience.

Complementary products

As a core host system, Airport Check-in integrates well with other POS, giving airlines the full end-to-end experience. It is also more powerful with Digital Experience, Kiosk Check-in, Digital Workspace, and API Hub.

Life of the flight

As part of Sabre’s DCS, Airport Check-in is beneficial in the areas of day of operations and service recovery.


Ancillary Reaccommodation Utility

Ancillary Reaccommodation Utility resolves ticketing and ancillary issues after passenger reaccommodation to ensure passengers receive the ancillaries they purchased. It also helps ensure that passengers can easily board new flights because there are no ticketing or ancillary issues preventing the process.

Auto Check-in

Auto Check-in automates the check-in process for eligible customers while remaining compliant with security and government mandates.

Eligible flights and customer types for airline check-in automation are set up by the airline based on a variety of attributes in the graphical interface. Auto Check-in reduces manual agent-check-in processes and improves customer satisfaction by preventing long lines.

Auto Timatic

Auto Timatic verifies 100 percent of required international travel documents and sends the information to IATA’s database. Every document for international travelers is verified against their itineraries to ensure proper visa, transit and final destination entries. This alleviates immigration penalties for airlines that inadvertently allow a noncompliant traveler to board their aircraft.

EDIFACT Thru Check-in

EDIFACT Thru Check-in gives airlines the ability to through check, view seat maps, change seats and reprint boarding passes for passengers connecting to another airline. It improves operational efficiencies for airlines while improving the airline passenger experience.

Flight Compensation

Flight Compensation automates the process of providing service credits to passengers for an entire flight manifest or PNRs on a queue. It helps improve customer service by proactively compensating customers for service disruptions through paperless credits. It also helps maximize revenue growth by incentivizing customers to book another flight in the future given that some customers will take the next trip to avoid losing credits.

Watchlist Manager

Watchlist Manager is a GUI-based application that airlines use to populate their watchlist, which is provided by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. It helps improve the security process for passengers who are on the U.S. Government Watchlist.

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