AirCrews ensures that crew members may safely and legally operate flights in accordance with regulatory requirements, airline policy and crew agreements. When schedule disruptions occur due to weather, mechanical failure, etc., AirCrews helps recover crew operations by modifying the impacted crew rosters to meet the requirements of the amended flight schedule.

Product value

AirCrews decreases costs by improving crew utilization and enabling crew-scheduling departments to operate more efficiently.

Life of the flight

AirCrews benefits day of operations and recovery areas.


Crew Connection

Crew Connection is an internet-based access point for crew members to check in and out of duty, as well as to access and retrieve operational and personal information. It can be configured to provide a variety of options and access rights from different locations, as well as to support multiple languages. Crew Connection helps improve crew efficiency and satisfaction by offering web-based access to manage crew schedules.

Crew Leave Manager

Crew Leave Manager enables airlines to effectively manage the vacation-awarding process, calculate leave entitlements and maintain crew-vacation records. It improves administrative efficiency, eliminates costly award errors, reduces crew member grievances and eliminates short staffing and overtime assignments through fully automated vacation-assignment functionality.

Crew Pairing Optimizer

Crew Pairing Optimizer creates cost-effective pairings (groups of flights) from the marketing schedule while maintaining full compliance with company rules, operational requirements, company cultures, specific sets of activities, contract agreements and government regulations. The created pairings become the building blocks of flight-crew rosters. Crew Pairing Optimizer decreases costs by creating efficient pairings, taking hotel costs, per diem rates, deadheads and business and contractual rules into consideration, thereby providing optimal pairings in a reasonable timeframe.

Crew Roster Optimizer

Crew Roster Optimizer creates monthly rosters for pilots and flight attendants, accounting for company operational objectives such as productivity, block-hour-distribution standby coverage and crew-fairness criteria. It decreases operational costs by ensuring cost-effective, efficient and operations friendly rosters.

Crew Training Solution

Crew Training Solution provides advanced capabilities to support crew-training scheduling and crew-qualification-management business processes. It decreases training costs through optimal utilization of training resources and crew disruptions by managing crew qualifications.

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