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As proud sponsors of the Future Stage, we’re committed to fostering meaningful dialogue and insights on Intelligent Retailing & Customer Experience.

You can also find us at our meeting room in Hatta J, Hall 2. Secure your exclusive 1-to-1 session with our experts, who are available to demonstrate our solutions, whether you prefer a high-level overview or a deeper dive into how they can address your specific needs.


Sabre participation in panel discussions

Don’t miss our very own Ramzi Al-Qassab, Managing Director of Sabre Middle East, as he takes the stage for two insightful sessions during the event at Future Stage:  

Ramzi Al-Qassab
Managing Director, Sabre Middle East

Beyond the Hype: Demystifying 2024 Travel Tech Trends 

Tuesday, 7 May at 11:00 AM

Bringing together a diverse group of experts from across the travel industry, this session will cover the revolutionary impact of generative AI, the dynamic shifts in distribution to the evolving landscape of payments and a heightened focus on sustainability.
Frank Trampert, SVP & Managing Director, Hospitality Solutions and Shazia Poona-Haq Director, Sales & Account Management will also join this panel discussion.

Putting the Traveller First with AI

Wednesday, 8 May at 1:30 PM 

During this engaging session, speakers will explore the transformative, and vast, power AI has in personalization. Industry experts will discuss the dynamic role of AI in travel, providing real-life examples and case studies showcasing its transformative power.