Automation Hub

Reduce Manual and Repetitive Agency Tasks

Every day, agencies perform numerous repetitive manual tasks such as PNR booking status checks, schedule changes, non-active air segment cancellations and HX status, just to name a few. Not only does this time-consuming work take up most of the day, it keeps agents from serving customers and can result in costly human errors. Very often, agencies receive ADMs (Agency Debit Memos) from airlines due to these errors, incurring avoidable expenses.

Moreover, automating these manual, routine tasks require complex software development expertise which can be unnecessarily costly to the agency.

Manage Routine Work Automatically

Automation Hub takes care of repetitive manual tasks such as booking management, scheduling change alerts, PNR documentation, cancellation, confirmation and much more – within one consolidated technology solution. Automating this work can deliver critical cost and time savings and lower operational costs while eliminating manual errors and consistently delivering quality service.

With its comprehensive user interface, Automation Hub is quick and easy to set up. As a cloud-based tool, it offers agencies a flexible technology solution designed to meet their individual business’ needs.

Product features

PNR elements check

Filter PNR elements as a reference of a process or use as process validation.

Queue management

Manage Queue Place, Queue Move, Queue Remove or Queue Retain PIC functions.

Non-active segment cancellation

Cancel non-active air segments, including HX status.

Optimized fares

Search for the lowest fare with cut-off time, baggage threshold and auto-rebook.

Ticketing timeline monitoring

Receive alerts for ticketing due date with auto-cancel segment feature.

Host command management

Execute Sabre Host command to manage PNR or use as a process step.

Customized eMessaging

Send customized notifications/alerts with Function pre-defined templates.

Missing tickets inquiry

Check for un-ticketed, duplicate or “open” coupon status tickets.

Waitlist clearance

Auto-rebook waitlist bookings using the same or a different RBD.

PNR Manager

Check and manage SSR, OSI, Segment Status and Remark.

Partner Perspective: Automation Hub Boosts Worker Productivity

“Sabre has many exciting solutions; and, I am particularly amazed at Automation Hub, easy to deploy, eliminates manual tasks, increases efficiency, and reduces errors. With a reduced workforce during the current crisis, the solution helps us manage queues, host command, PNR quality check, ticketing deadline notification, cancel air segments, and lowest fare search. This is one of the critical solutions our agency is using to stay lean and produce high-quality transactions.”

Chew Hong
Sr. Vice President, Strategic Planning & Leisure Division
Holiday Tours & Travel (Malaysia)

Save up to 72% of agents’ time

Automation Hub allows travel agencies to automate and expedite repetitive manual tasks like customer notifications, PNR monitoring, change tracking and booking organization. When you add it all up, it can amount to a 72% time savings.

On top of that, Automation Hub can significantly increase cost savings and profitability by reducing – or eliminating altogether – ADM fees charged by airlines for human errors.

If you have additional questions about Automation Hub or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.