We help NDC and ATPCO/EDIFACT coexist

Our product teams have optimized the display of our agency booking solution, Sabre Red 360, so that NDC offers appear alongside traditional ATPCO/EDIFACT options. For developers, our Offer and Order APIs integrate and normalize different types of content, so that NDC offers and traditional ATPCO/EDIFACT options are returned in single API call.

See how you can shop, compare, book and service different types of offers within one display—with a few simple clicks:

We support end-to-end workflows

Sabre sits at the crossroads of travel,  working with all links in the travel value chain: airlines, agencies, online booking tools and corporate buyers. As a result, we’ve designed our NDC capabilities to support end-to-end workflows. We’re thinking not only about “happy paths,” but also about edge cases that are important to your operations. We’re optimizing our capabilities to manage offers and orders efficiently across the full lifecycle of trips.

NDC is an important enabler of offer and order-based travel retailing. New to the concept? Check out our guide for this modern retailing model:

When plans change, we keep travelers moving

Travel involves surprises—some good and some not so good. When plans change, we give you the ability to cancel, refund, void and exchange NDC content using the Offer and Order APIs and Sabre Red 360.

Access NDC from multiple on-ramps

Whether you’re a developer, agency, or corporate travel buyer, connect to us in the way that works best for you: use the REST/JSON Sabre Offer and Order APIs, Sabre Red 360, or our online booking tool, GetThere. Additionally, Sabre is the first GDS to power NDC for SAP Concur, Atriis, Wooba and Serko, giving NDC content access to the corporate travelers they serve.

We handle the tech, so you can handle travel

Accessing NDC offers from airlines requires technical development skills and time. We are currently live with 19 airlines and are working with 50 more leading airlines to integrate their content into the Sabre marketplace. That way, you connect to us once and gain access to many airlines instead of building and managing dozens of connections.

We scale with you

Whether your daily bookings number in the tens or thousands, Sabre’s robust systems are ready to scale to support your business’ needs. The world’s leading airlines and thousands of agencies around the world depend daily on Sabre GDS to keep their travelers moving.

We move at the speed of your business

People are time-starved and attention spans are shrinking. The difference between a sale and a missed opportunity is defined in seconds. Sabre’s Google Cloud-based technology and industry-leading shopping response times puts NDC content at your fingertips when you need it.

Let us handle security stress

Sabre’s technical design process accounts for the rapidly evolving digital security landscape, including 3D-Secure protocols and regional data privacy regulations.

We have a seat at the industry table

The NDC standards continue to mature. A number of IATA working groups are helping to close gaps in the standards for business-critical use cases. Sabre representatives participate in those forums. As a result, gaps in the NDC standards are closed with answers that benefit the broader community—not just one link in the travel value chain.

Sabre is recognized by IATA as a system provider for both airlines and travel sellers in the ARM index.

We’re here every step of the way

Travel is becoming a world of hybrid content – of NDC offers and ATPCO/EDIFACT options. You don’t want to miss out, but maybe you’re not sure when or how to start. Sabre’s account representatives, technical sales engineers, consultants and support teams are ready to answer your questions and help you, whether you’re starting your NDC journey, or well on your way.

Looking for more detail? Check out our resources for getting started with NDC:

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