NDC offers are now live in GetThere!

The new capabilities allow corporate travel managers to offer more flexibility and choice to their travelers.

After a booking is made, Travel Management Companies will be able to fulfill and ticket the booking in Sabre Red 360 without any disruption to their existing workflow. Finally, the Sabre suite of mid-back office solutions, including Trams and options from partners, is evolving to integrate NDC bookings into financial settlement and reporting processes.

“Through our collaborative ‘test-and-learn’ approach with select customers on NDC, we are making progress that will generate clear benefits as business travel recovers,” said Senior Director of Product Management, Saunvit Pandya. “With NDC, airlines will have greater flexibility in responding to shopping requests from corporate travelers. In a market demanding additional flexibility, we are excited to expand corporations’ access to more tailored content through this pilot.”

To activate NDC capabilities in GetThere:

  1. Talk to your travel management company (TMC) partner about activating NDC capabilities through Sabre for your relevant PCCs. TMCs can place orders through Sabre Central Marketplace. Your TMC must activate NDC capabilities through Sabre before you can deploy NDC in GetThere.
  2. After your TMC has activated NDC capabilities through Sabre, contact your Sabre representative to complete the NDC in GetThere set-up.

Sabre is committed to NDC as a key enabler of our corporate vision to create a new marketplace for personalized travel. The launch of NDC capabilities in GetThere means that you can keep your travelers moving confidently with offers more closely tailored to your corporate priorities.