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CSL: Simplified

Learn how easy it is to use Content Services for Lodging.

Introducing the CSL: Simplified videos

Content Services for Lodging (CSL) helps you shop and book lodging with access to more than 90% of all lodging content worldwide – that’s over 1.6 million property options!

Our library of quick tip videos helps you work smarter and take advantage of all the features Content Services for Lodging has to offer. 

Benefits at a glance 

For your business

Easy comparison shopping 

Personalized content 

Seamless workflows

For your travelers

Quicker access to personalized offers 

Intuitive shopping experience 

Greater transparency around offer price 

Content Services for Lodging is better than ever. Let’s go!

How to get more content. Get started!

How to find Booking pin code to modify your booking

How to load and shop negotiated rates in Sabre

Advanced qualifiers

Profile integration

Postal code search


How to sort by distance

How to change a search

Hotel commissions

Maximize business opportunities

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