Blog Nov 27, 2018

Seamless order servicing in an NDC world

An offer is only as good as the experience you deliver. Imagine purchasing a recommended product on Amazon, expecting to...

Blog Nov 26, 2018

Four key takeaways from Sean Menke’s interview at the IATA Air Industry Retailing Symposium

In October, Sabre’s president and CEO Sean Menke was interviewed on stage at the IATA Air Industry Retailing Symposium by...


Beyond the Seat

Hear from the NDC leadership team on how Sabre is investing beyond the NDC standard in this series of executive... Watch now »


NDC to the Power of Sabre

Through regular installments, the NDC eBook: Brings together industry perspectives and Sabre expert views, separates IATA NDC fact from fiction, defines... Download now »


Cracking The Airline Retailing Nut

“Cracking The Airline Retailing Nut” in Ascend: A conversation about NDC and beyond with Sabre’s Rodrigo Celis and Kathy Morgan. Read more »


Innovating Beyond NDC

“Innovating Beyond NDC” in Ascend magazine to explore how to change the retailing landscape and consumer expectations.. Read more »

Blog Oct 31, 2018

Possibility vs. reality: Bringing NDC to life

NDC is poised to have far-reaching effects in the travel industry, but with all the preparation that is happening, the...

Blog Sep 28, 2018

Innovating Beyond NDC

IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) opens new possibilities for airline retailing and has the potential to deliver value to key...

Press Release Sep 17, 2018

Sabre expands Beyond NDC program, achieves IATA Level 3 NDC certification

As Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) leads the industry evolution toward next-generation retailing, distribution and fulfillment, the company has expanded its...

Blog Aug 14, 2018

A Win-Win-Win for the Travel Ecosystem

We often talk about travel being a “people” business, and it is little wonder when we consider the multiple relationships,...

Press Release Aug 7, 2018

Sabre’s Beyond NDC program enlists travel industry giants to collaborate on development of NDC-enabled solutions

Further demonstrating its full commitment to lead the industry evolution toward next-generation retailing, distribution and fulfillment, Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR)...

Blog Jun 25, 2018

Beyond the seat: What specifically is airline retailing?

It is no secret that airlines trail other industries when it comes to retailing. To gain traction in the airline...