Airlines are at a critical crossroads. They need to cut costs in the face of operational challenges such as staffing, rising fuel prices, and other disruptions – but in order to chart a path toward increased profitability, they also need to invest in new technology that better meets evolving traveler needs. ​ 

In a co-hosted webinar with Skift, Mike Reyes, Sabre’s SVP of Product Management, shared his thoughts on the steps airlines can take today to prepare themselves for a future of offer- and order-enabled modern retailing. He also outlined what he believes a phased transition path could look like. 

Watch key moments from our recent webinar

Industry backdrop

The pandemic has created a ‘new normal’ in the travel industry and acted as a catalyst for greater traveler-centricity, with many airlines looking ahead and preparing to transform towards modern retailing.


Offer- and order-based retailing can unlock more choice, intelligence and ease for airlines and travelers. Hear about the important roles that NDC, personalization, dynamic pricing and fulfilment with ONE Order will play.


Sabre is creating solutions that put airlines in control of their tech platform. Hear how we’re embracing openness and modularity within our platform, as well as how we’re leveraging the power of data science and AI/ML.


Organizational change is a critical part of airline transformation. Hear more on how best to navigate it through C-Suite support, overcoming resistance to change and building the right company culture.

Transition readiness checklist

Learn what five things should be on every airline’s transition readiness checklist.

Transition path

Learn about Sabre’s phased transition approach which mitigates risk, gives airlines flexibility and control, and unlocks value at every step along the path.

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