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How the right equipment holds the key to optimal performance

…and how it’s essential to airlines seeking to become advanced retailers

Many cyclists, myself included, are (willing) victims of the mentality that the right number of bikes to own is n+1. In other words, I always need one more bike than I own today! As a result, I’ve amassed bikes for all terrains: road, gravel, MTB…even a bike for getting around my neighborhood, grocery shopping, and dropping off my daughter at school. For me, it’s all about having the right tool for the job. But this can get expensive, not to mention needing somewhere to store everything.

When it comes to navigating the airline IT terrain, I believe it’s just as important to choose the right equipment for the job and for me the Google Cloud Platform toolset is the ideal choice. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the 2021 Cloud Report from Cockroach Labs which confirmed that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) had the best overall performance across the set of benchmarks. Read on as I outline what I believe GCP will deliver for airlines.

Data analytics and experimentation 

In my previous blogs on data and experimentation, I explained how Google BigQuery allows airlines to store, analyze and interrogate virtually unlimited volumes of data in such a way as to make it actionable. This data can then be consumed by Google’s Vertex AI solution (as well as other non-Google tools), to build a comprehensive and accurate picture of travelers and present them with the most relevant content.

The data captured in BigQuery integrates seamlessly with Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s best-in-class artificial intelligence platform. Access to the superior machine learning tools that power Google can accelerate ML experimentation for airlines. Advanced ML experimentation using airline data ensures that airlines create personalized and contextualized offers for travelers, which increases the likelihood of those offers converting and creating value for travelers and airlines. 

At Sabre, BigQuery and Vertex AI help power our Retail Intelligence suite of products, which a number of our airline partners are already using to create value for themselves and their passengers.

The need for speed 

While creating compelling offers is crucial for success, I know it’s equally important to ensure that airlines present those offers quickly to travelers. Just like cycling, speed matters – and the Google global network has been shown to have the highest throughput available from any cloud vendor*. Put simply, throughput refers to how much data can be transferred from source (airline) to destination (agency or traveler) within a given timeframe. When fractions of a second define the difference between conversions and abandoned searches, network speed and scalability are crucial for maintaining optimal performance, particularly during peak volume periods.

Performance without compromise 

Airlines must be able to manage orders on a global scale. Google Cloud Spanner can store and retrieve orders automatically in any region with total record integrity. It supports future multi-source content order management use cases without needing to make compromises between scalability, consistency and latency.

Google created these tools to work well together, delivering optimal performance and maximizing value for airlines and travelers. Their thoughtful approach caught Sabre’s attention. Google’s shared ambitions within the travel vertical, comprehensive global network, leading tech algorithms and vast expertise when it comes to understanding consumer behavior makes them a great fit for Sabre.

As an avid cyclist and self-confessed ‘gear nerd’, I understand the importance of using the best available tools and equipment to fit the job at hand. Although you can jump on a bike wearing pretty much any pair of sneakers and ride it around the block, I’d prefer cycling cleats for optimal comfort and performance.

The same applies to technology. The Google Cloud Platform toolset is the right equipment for delivering the industry-leading technology solutions our airline partners have come to expect.

* 2021 Cockroach Labs Cloud Report  

At Sabre, we’re innovating to power the future of our industry. We’re here as your trusted resource for solutions that enable you to continue to think differently and take advantage of a future open with possibilities. Learn more today.

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