Real-time market intelligence

Unleashing the power of strategic airline pricing with Sabre Air Price IQ: a deep dive into revenue management in the modern aviation landscape. 

Sabre Air Price IQ™, a revolutionary airline pricing tool, is set to transform the airline industry by embracing the dynamic world of continuous pricing. With this sophisticated AI-driven platform, airlines can bid farewell to traditional static pricing and embrace a more granular, customer-centric approach.

At its core, Air Price IQ empowers airlines to optimize their pricing strategies based on real-time market intelligence. This means understanding not only the competition’s offerings but also the airline’s own product capabilities and brand preferences. Armed with this intelligence, airlines can cater to different passenger segments and capitalize on untapped revenue opportunities.

Let’s delve into the inner workings of Air Price IQ. This robust platform leverages Sabre Travel AI™, built in partnership with Google, to comprehend market context, schedule information, trip purpose segmentation, and even revenue management controls. By integrating these data points, Air Price IQ dynamically formulates an optimal offer that boosts revenue, increases conversion rates and enhances traveler experience. Travelers have access to customized and personalized offers and airlines can generate new revenue opportunities.

Imagine you have a static fare of $100 and $150 for a flight. With traditional pricing, you miss out on potential revenue from passengers willing to pay $120, $130, or $140 for the same journey. Air Price IQ changes the game by offering more granular price points, thereby capturing demand from various passenger segments.

Sabre’s innovative Air Price IQ is a key driver in our move from static pricing to dynamically created personalized offers.

Jiří Marek, CEO, Air Serbia

Seamless integration and agility for diverse business needs

One of the unique features that sets Air Price IQ apart is its seamless integration with Sabre’s technology stack, including shopping, ticketing, exchanges, and even servicing. Unlike other dynamic pricing solutions, Air Price IQ ensures a smooth and efficient end-to-end flow for airlines. This means not only optimizing prices but also supporting revenue accounting and reconciling processes, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both airlines and travelers.

Furthermore, Air Price IQ’s agility shines through as it adapts to various airline business needs. Whether an airline operates from a single airport or multiple airports within a city, Air Price IQ seamlessly consolidates shopping data across the airports to deliver optimal pricing recommendations. It doesn’t stop there; for airlines with seasonal flights or less frequent routes, Air Price IQ intelligently considers market context across different travel dates to achieve optimal pricing.

Real-Time Analysis

Marketplace data and traveler context combined with ML models to optimize price recommendations.

Continuous Pricing

Increased pricing flexibility enables airlines to optimize revenue opportunities across all channels, including NDC.

Seamless Servicing

An effortless, end-to-end workflow delivers seamless servicing, flight rebooking, and ticket exchange for travelers.

Cloud Scalability

Scale to support current and future shopping volumes with minimal impact on latency.

But that’s not all—Air Price IQ is continually evolving to cater to the unique needs of airlines worldwide. We take great pride in our partnerships with airlines like Air Serbia. By working closely with our partners, we understand their business needs, prioritize sought-after features, and ensure that Air Price IQ aligns perfectly with their requirements and provides opportunities for revenue uplift.

Our airline customers have seen

up to 3% revenue uplift*

in airfare revenue opportunities created by Air Price IQ

*Results are based on production implementation of partner airline customers
and vary, depending on price sensitivity in the market.

The future

Looking ahead, Air Price IQ has been built with the future world of offers and orders in mind, empowering airlines to leverage the platform’s intelligence and boost their revenue.

Air Price IQ is not just a pricing tool—it’s a game-changing, revenue-optimizing powerhouse backed by Google’s AI and ML capabilities. Its ability to understand market context, customer preferences, and revenue management controls places it at the forefront of airline revenue management solutions.

If you want to optimize your airline pricing strategies based on real-time market intelligence and maximize airfare revenue then I encourage you to look no further than Air Price IQ.

About the Author

Goutham Komirishetty is the Product Manager for Air Price IQ at Sabre.

He’s an industry veteran with more than a decade of expertise in airline revenue management, e-commerce, and offer management.  

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