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Introducing Sabre Vacations – Sabre‘s newest leisure booking tool for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sabre Vacations brings
 leisure agents a more personalized and efficient way to book the perfect vacation. 

Vacations reimagined 

Whether it’s packaged tours, hotels, cruises or rental cars, Sabre Vacations gives leisure travel agents one place to shop, compare and book tour packages.

Gone are the days of destination based search and scrolling through hundreds of options. Sabre Vacations‘ intuitive user interface allows you to shop based on customer preferences and pre-defined criteria – meaning you get to the right offer, faster.

Sabre Vacations is being developed in collaboration with Peakwork – a leader in technology solutions for the leisure marketplace. Together, we’re unlocking the full potential of leisure travel.

Benefits at a glance 

For your business

Increased revenue opportunities through personalized retailing 

Cost savings through increased efficiency 

Product differentiation with rich content display 

Fast implementation from our personal, dedicated support 

For your travellers

Quicker access to personalized offers 

Intuitive shopping experience 

Greater transparency around offer price 

Stress-free travel experiences 

Your one-stop shop

Sabre Vacation‘s modern and intuitive design helps you focus on unique traveller preferences.
Its responsive design allows you to present the best results – at a glance – in any consulting situation.

Personalized, intuitive and efficient 

Your new way to shop, compare and book the perfect vacation. 

Experience the game-changer that is Sabre Vacations 

Let us show you how easy it is to book the perfect holiday. 

What our testers are saying

Frequently asked questions

Unlike most other solutions in the market, Sabre Vacations gives leisure travel agents the ability to not only shop – but book – tour packages in a single workflow.  

  • The product displays full shopping content, with no limitations on content loading. 
  • Pre-defined hotel sets enable agents to service travelers with custom search criteria (i.e., honeymoon hotels) to find the right package faster. 
  • Agents can compare up to 10 hotels in a single view. 

Sabre Vacations will allow travel consultants to shop and book leisure travel from leading tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Aligned with Sabre’s strategy to bring our customers best-in-class solutions that simplify their operations and grow their business, we made the decision to sunset Shop Holidays, effective October 31, 2023. We are confident that Sabre Vacations, developed in partnership with Peakwork, will bring leisure agents a much more robust set of capabilities for shopping and booking tour packages.  

The delivery of Sabre Vacations will be multi-phased and it commenced in July 2023. Sabre Vacations is replacing Sabre’s current Shop Holidays product, which will be sunset effective October 31, 2023. Reach out to your Sabre account team for more information.