VARIG selects SabreSonic Solution to boost reservations, customer check-in capabilities

New system to help carrier streamline operations, improve customer service

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, March 17, 2008 – VRG Linhas Aéreas S.A., which supports the VARIG brand, has chosen Sabre Airline Solutions to help the airline grow revenues and optimize customers’ experience through its SabreSonic suite, a customer sales and service solution at the industry forefront.

The SabreSonic suite is a comprehensive, modern solution that helps airlines attain their top priorities, delivering an advanced customer-focused solution that also drives revenue performance. From powerful multi-channel sales to efficient customer service, a superior customer experience and comprehensive reporting and analysis, the SabreSonic suite provides the operational flexibility VRG needs in today’s competitive marketplace.

The solution will establish sales and customer service systems integration – which used to be a combination of two different systems, now is just a unique platform. That means shorter and faster operations in a single environment. Another important factor is that the platform will not be locally installed, therefore, the company will have no costs for maintaining equipment and servers; instead, Sabre Airline Solutions will be in charge of this service.

“VRG believes SabreSonic capabilities, such as Automated Exchange and Refund, Frequent Traveler Profiles, traveler Check-In and many other features located within an easy-to-use graphical user interface, will help the carrier enhance productivity while exceeding customers’ expectations with superior customer service,” said Lincoln Amano, VRG’s commercial director. “The airline also said the variety and versatility of the SabreSonic system, Sabre Airline Solutions’ commitment to customer satisfaction, and the SabreSonic community product governance model, were significant factors in selecting the SabreSonic solution.

Sabre Airline Solutions is committed to quality and service excellence,” he said. “Their devotion to continuous product improvement, as illustrated by the SabreSonic solution, will help us continue to meet our needs as we grow. It was also important to have a solution that will integrate well with our other systems, so now we will not need to commit additional time and resources to make it work for our operations. Besides, the SabreSonic solution has an advanced sales suite via Internet that will provide customers a positive experience on using this sales channel. As a result, the company expects a highly increment on sales via Internet, either directly to end users or through travel agents, with a subsequent reduction on selling costs.”

VRG will now become a member of Sabre Airline Solutions’ advanced customer community, a forum for member airlines to collaborate with each other to help drive the investment prioritization of Sabre Airline Solutions’ technology projects. -more-

The community includes streamlined access to the full breadth and depth of Sabre Airline Solutions’ solution resources as well as consistent customer care and delivery practices.

“At Sabre Airline Solutions, we are always examining our solutions and making adjustments as needed to help airlines like VARIG adapt to the constantly changing demands of the industry,” said Jim Barlow, senior vice president, SabreSonic solutions for Sabre Airline Solutions. “The SabreSonic solution is the most progressive, comprehensive customer sales and service solution in the industry. Value is realized for our customers, as VARIG has recognized, through cost reductions, revenue growth, and a seamless customer experience.”

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Sabre Airline Solutions, a Sabre Holdings company, is the world’s largest provider of smart, proven, bankable products to help airlines market, sell, serve and operate from planning to execution. The company provides unmatched breadth and depth of integrated, dynamic business solutions delivered by experts to reduce airlines’ costs, increase revenue and optimize the customer experience.

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