Travelocity reports Thanksgiving airfare up seven percent year over year

Data shows $415 is the price to beat for Thanksgiving airfare

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving the time to start looking for flights and hotels is now. Travelocity’s Thanksgiving data shows that the average round-trip domestic airfare this Thanksgiving is $415, inclusive of tax, up nearly 7 percent from last year. Travelocity calls this the ‘price to beat’ and it should be used as a gauge while shopping for airfare. Good news for some travelers, however, a closer look at the most popular routes shows many prices are well under that average.

“While average airfare is up for Thanksgiving we are still seeing some of the most popular routes well under the national average,” explains Courtney Scott, senior editor at Travelocity. “So if $415 is out of your price range, don’t assume you can’t make it home for the holidays. Check your route, be flexible on your dates and you can still find a great deal.”

Most Popular Domestic Routes for Thanksgiving:

New York City South Florida $375
Los Angeles Dallas / Fort Worth $338
Chicago New York $365
Denver New York $382
San Francisco Los Angeles $192
Boston Chicago $369
Dallas / Fort Worth Los Angeles $335
Washington, D.C. South Florida $369
Atlanta New York City $353
Charlotte New York City $296


  1. Book between October 8 through November 9. According to Travelocity’s Booking Barometer, prices for Thanksgiving begin to drop during this time, and will pick back up at a steep increase beginning the week of November 10.
  2. Be flexible on your travel dates. Look at returning on Friday, November 29 or Tuesday, December 3 for lower fares. According to Travelocity’s booking data, returning over the weekend will result in higher prices.
  3. Search alternate airports. Take New York City – always one of the most popular holiday destinations – as an example. While LaGuardia might be the closest airport to your turkey dinner, flying into JFK or Newark instead may be worth the extra effort and could translate into big savings. Use the easy “Compare Surrounding Airports” feature in the advanced search options when you book your flights on Travelocity.
  4. Take the first flight of the day. Not only will the lines at security be shorter, but planes traveling earlier in the day have a better on-time performance in general. However, if your flight is cancelled, you will have the option of taking a flight later in the day.
  5. Pack smart and light. Look at shipping any gifts ahead of time, and try to only pack a carry on. This can help you avoid checked baggage and overweight baggage fees. In addition, if your flight is re-routed because of bad weather or delays, it will be much easier if your luggage is with you.  If you do check, don’t put anything in your luggage you can’t live without – like medication, cell phone chargers or your child’s favorite toy.