Travelocity Recognized as Commitment To ‘Customer Championship’ Initiative Deepens; Fast Company and Budget Travel Honor Travelocity’s Customer Focused Policies, Products That Fulfill Company’s Vow to ”Make Travel Right”

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 31, 2005–Six months since
the launch of Travelocity’s groundbreaking “Customer Championship”
program, featuring the innovative Travelocity Guarantee
( and the Customer Bill of Rights
(, the company’s team of employees
worldwide continues to be at the forefront of redefining travelers’
expectations from their travel provider. Approximately 39,000 team
hours have been invested in technology and training programs,
resulting in more immediate and proactive care for Travelocity
customers in every aspect of the trip, whether helping customers
through a major weather disturbance or simply advising them of an
airline switching over to a new airport terminal.

And the travel industry and business community have taken notice.
Fast Company magazine recently named Travelocity a recipient of a 2005
“Customers First Award” and in a ceremony at New York City’s Museum of
Modern Art on Thursday Nov. 3, Travelocity will be one of only ten
“forward-thinking companies who have demonstrated real innovation over
the past 12 months,” to receive an “Extra Mile Award” from Arthur
Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine.

“Earlier this year we made a promise to our customers that we
would be revamping how we work with them, from shopping and buying,
through the experience of their trip, and even after they return
home,” said Michelle Peluso, Travelocity president and CEO. “To see
that our work is resonating with customers, suppliers and other
industry insiders continues to motivate our team, but we still feel
like there’s so much more to accomplish.”

Helping Customers During Inclement Weather

During the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, Travelocity has been
unyielding in its commitment to advise and inform travelers of their
options and work with them and suppliers to change travel plans when
necessary, as quickly and easily as possible. Since July,
Travelocity’s customer care team has proactively called and e-mailed
tens of thousands of customers with travel plans to the U.S. Gulf
Coast, the Florida Peninsula, Mexico and the Caribbean when a tropical
storm or hurricane has loomed. Simultaneously, Travelocity has been in
close contact with airline, hotel, car rental and cruise line partners
and provided constant updates via the Travelocity homepage regarding
the policies each of these suppliers has put in place when a tropical
storm or hurricane has threatened. In some cases, a dedicated team of
Travelocity customer care representatives has continued to work with
customers whose travel plans were affected beyond the initial impact
of the storm. And as the hurricane season now gives way to winter
weather also prone to wreak havoc with travel plans, Travelocity
customers can book with confidence knowing that its customer care team
will continue to be by their side.

‘Customer Championship’ Goes Beyond Inclement Weather

While inclement weather provides a top-of-mind example of how
Travelocity’s Customer Championship initiatives are making a
difference for Travelocity customers, the broader reach of the program
goes much deeper. For instance, recently an airline advised the
Travelocity team of a terminal switch it was making at one of the
airports it serves. Rather than risking possible travel complications
or confusion among impacted customers, the Travelocity team, engrained
in the mindset of Customer Championship, saw this as an opportunity to
proactively inform customers and eliminate the possibility for any
confusion once they had embarked upon their trips. The impacted
passengers were identified and hundreds of messages were sent to give
them notice of the potentially confusing terminal change.
Additionally, Travelocity has contacted thousands of other customers
on situations such as hotels under construction, pool closures, hotel
name changes and cruise port changes.

“For Travelocity it’s as mission-critical to work hard to keep our
customers in the know regarding the seemingly ‘little things’ as it is
for us to reach them regarding widely reported events,” Peluso
continued. “You never know when a bit of information like an airline
operating out of a new terminal might be the difference between a
customer making or missing a flight or connection. As we continue to
grow and evolve our mindset of Customer Championship, we know that
nailing down details such as this is how we will truly delight our
customers and gain their ongoing loyalty and trust.”

Helping Travelers on the Road More Quickly and Efficiently

The Travelocity team understands the inconvenience of a lengthy
wait to talk to a live customer service representative, especially
once the trip has begun and the traveler needs immediate assistance.
To make sure Travelocity’s customers who are on the road receive the
help they need as soon as possible, Travelocity implemented
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology that routes travelers who
are mid-trip and need immediate assistance to the group of agents best
equipped to resolve their on-the-road problems.

To date, more than 120,000 mid-trip calls have been handled since
the launch of Customer Championship, with more than 88 percent of
these calls answered within 60 seconds or less. Additionally, the
independent Customer Respect Group’s “Third Quarter 2005 Online
Customer Respect Study,” measuring corporate performance from an
online customer’s perspective, ranked Travelocity highest among all
third-party travel sites and listed the company among only eight other
Web sites that achieved an “excellent” rating.

“We realize that unexpected problems can arise for travelers once
they set out on their journeys,” Peluso said. “What we’ve become
especially passionate about is preventing these inconveniences from
mushrooming into situations that will mar the entire vacation for our
customers. There is simply no excuse for this and we remain committed
to ensuring that precious time spent on vacation is just that. That is
truly Customer Championship.”

About Travelocity

Travelocity is committed to being the traveler’s champion —
before, during and after the trip and works hand-in-hand with the
world’s most reputable travel providers so that everything about a
customer’s booking will be right. And if it’s not, Travelocity
guarantees that it will work with its partners to make it right, right
away. This customer-driven focus, backed by live 24/7 phone support,
great prices and powerful shopping technology has made Travelocity the
fifth largest travel agency in the U.S. — booking $4.9 billion in
travel in 2004. Based in Southlake, Texas, Travelocity also owns and
operates Travelocity Business(SM), and, a leader in
European online travel. Travelocity is owned by Sabre Holdings
Corporation (NYSE:TSG), a world leader in travel commerce.

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