Travelocity Business Helps Companies Streamline Travel By Automating Split Ticketing Process; Frees Travelocity Business Agents to Focus More on Individual Traveler Needs and Less on Routine Processes

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 27, 2006–Travelocity
Business(SM) today announced that it has automated the ‘split
ticketing’ process, a procedure that is often required in order to
fulfill a reservation after a traveler selects multiple air carriers
for a single trip.

The new process, available to all customers at no additional cost,
is designed to help companies streamline travel by increasing their
‘touchless’ transaction rates, or the number of trips booked by
travelers that do not require additional follow up or help from an
agent. It also aims to help companies get the most out of
pre-negotiated air programs by automatically identifying and applying
the appropriate trip segments to the right air contracts.

Equally as important is Travelocity Business’ dedication to
automating processes like split ticketing to create the most efficient
agency model that results in even better customer service for business

“Make no mistake about it, our strategy is to continue enhancing
our technology, but not just for technology’s sake,” said Joel Bailey,
director of Product Marketing at Travelocity Business. “As we continue
to apply technology to different types of fulfillment processes, it
frees our agents to dedicate more of their time to helping travelers
with special travel needs that can’t be automated.”

The Split Ticketing Process

In the past, when a traveler made a single booking that involved
multiple carriers and at least one of the carrier segments reflected a
corporate negotiated rate, it produced the need for the creation of a
split ticket so that the rate could be applied. This required a manual
process, leading the agent to take time to handle the processing and
fulfillment of the trip, and at times involving multiple calls to the

With the new process, travelers can continue to shop and book
trips as they normally would, while choosing multiple carrier
itineraries when the option best fits their travel needs. The
Travelocity Business mid-office system, based on Sabre QIK technology,
automatically cross-checks the combined cost of the separate segments
to ensure they do not exceed any company-specific cost thresholds that
can be pre-configured within the system.

The system then identifies when contracted rates are involved that
require the creation of a split ticket, applies the appropriate
segments to a company’s pre-negotiated contracts, and fulfills the
transaction — all without the involvement of an agent. The new
functionality is available to all Travelocity Business customers at no
additional cost.

About Travelocity Business

Travelocity Business is a full-service corporate travel agency
that helps companies easily manage travel and reduce costs, while
providing more choices to travelers. Travelocity Business combines the
savings and convenience of online with the full service of dedicated
agents available 24/7 who typically answer the phone in 20 seconds,
and within 60 seconds guaranteed (see site for guarantee details).

Travelocity Business combines the expertise, service and travel
choices of Travelocity(R) with corporate experience gained from
serving more than half of the Fortune 200 companies. For more
information, companies can visit

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