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Travelocity Business Helps Companies Recoup Lost Travel Dollars with Unused Ticket Management Service; New Service Tracks, Evaluates and Reassigns Tickets on Behalf of Corporate Travelers

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 17, 2005–Travelocity Business(SM) today announced a new service designed to manage and reissue unused airline tickets, enabling companies to recapture the value of tickets that may not have otherwise been used. The service combines new technology and travel agency expertise from Travelocity Business to remove the complexities of unused ticket management from the shoulders of travel managers and their business travelers.

“We all know that business plans can be unpredictable and that unused tickets are an inevitable part of every company’s travel program. Some of our customers have told us that unused tickets account for between five to seven percent of their total travel budget,” said Scott Hyden, general manager of Travelocity Business. “By employing technology and services that make unused ticket data available during the booking process, we are empowering companies and their travelers to access a reserve of travel dollars that could otherwise go to waste.”

The new service includes state-of-the-art technology created by Travelocity Business that is closely tied to its online, mid-office and agent desktop processes. When a traveler makes an online or offline reservation with Travelocity Business, the new unused ticket management feature automatically checks bookings against a database for possible unused ticket options. Results are then routed to the agent desktop and examined by an agent who determines which unused ticket is the best possible match for the trip. Companies using the new service can decide whether an unused ticket is then automatically applied to a booking, or if an agent should then contact and advise the traveler for more personalized service.

The technology can also be configured to accommodate special airline and company rules associated with the reuse of tickets. Adjustments include name reassignments for tickets that can be transferred from one traveler to another within the same company, and the tracking and reuse of tickets that still contain residual value after the booking of a new trip.

Today, all Travelocity Business customers have access to unused ticket data through the company’s online reporting solution, regardless of whether or not they use the new service. Reports include information such as booking dates for reused tickets and estimated expiration dates for unused tickets.

About Travelocity Business

Travelocity Business is a full-service corporate travel agency that helps companies easily manage travel and reduce costs, while providing more choices to travelers. Travelocity Business combines the savings and convenience of online with the full service of dedicated agents available 24/7 who typically answer the phone in 20 seconds, and within 60 seconds guaranteed (see site for guarantee details). Companies can cut travel costs through flight deals, Web fares, hotel discounts and service fee savings — representing an average savings of more than $100 per trip, including airfare savings averaging 26 percent per ticket and service fee savings of up to 84 percent (see site for savings details).

Travelocity Business combines the expertise, service and travel choices of Travelocity with corporate experience gained from serving more than half of the Fortune 200 companies. For more information, companies can visit www.travelocitybusiness.com.

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