Travelocity Business Expands Online Reporting Options; New Reports Help Corporations Track and Analyze Everything from Traveler Security to Unused Tickets and Individual Traveler Patterns

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 11, 2005–Travelocity Business(SM) today announced it has bolstered its travel reporting capabilities to provide corporations with more ways to easily access and analyze online travel data for more proactive travel management, that can help improve compliance to travel policy and increase online adoption rates.

Corporations now can choose from four different reporting packages to meet their diverse needs for managing critical travel data. The reporting packages allow corporations to create instant snapshots of travel activity from a variety of viewpoints online, 24 hours a day, with information as current as from the prior day. For added convenience, companies can select specific reports and schedule them to be compiled and delivered automatically at a desired frequency to anyone within the company.

“Gone are the days when corporations had to wait weeks or months for travel data,” said Scott Hyden, general manager of Travelocity Business. “Companies using our new reporting packages now have access to a wide range of relevant travel data that can empower them to make more timely decisions and dramatically impact the success of their travel programs.”

As part of its overall service offering, Travelocity Business has always provided customers with online access to a standard number of the most popular reports for analyzing travel data, such as air, car and hotel spend and policy compliance. New capabilities available within the enhanced reporting offerings include:

    --  Security reports - Provide companies with instant access to
        employee travel bookings and contact information, 24 hours a
        day. A recent survey conducted in part by Travelocity Business
        indicated that 86 percent of senior executives have continued
        concerns about the ability to identify employees' whereabouts
        when traveling on company business.

    --  Hierarchical reports - Allow companies to easily track online
        travel percentages by business unit and even drill down to
        individual travelers to pinpoint travel patterns. Companies
        often publicize divisional travel data as a best practice to
        create healthy competition among groups and to motivate them
        to book more trips online, thereby increasing overall

    --  Unused ticket reports - Help companies track, manage and
        recoup the value of outstanding tickets. Also provides
        companies with improved data to better negotiate with
        suppliers. Reports include passenger and carrier names, ticket
        numbers and amounts, and ticket issue and expiration dates.

    --  Credit card reconciliation reports - Automatically display all
        credit card matches and discrepancies for travel bookings,
        saving travel managers weeks of time reconciling different
        reports, and enabling them to manage compliance levels and
        protect against fraud.

    --  Consolidated data reports - Advanced feature that enables
        companies to consolidate historical travel data with current
        travel statistics for trending and analysis. Also consolidates
        current travel data across multiple fulfillment centers,
        countries, and currencies to provide corporations with a truly
        consolidated, global view of their travel activity and spend.

    --  External data feed - New advanced reporting capability that
        allows companies to automatically feed pertinent reports to
        third parties in compliance with pre-negotiated travel

The different reporting packages supply varying levels of access to new reports that are from a library of more than 100 reporting options created by Travelocity Business and based on reporting metrics used in the most successful corporate travel programs. The four reporting packages now available to Travelocity Business customers include:

    --  Standard Reporting - Available to all customers as part of
        overall service offering; includes 27 most popular reports,
        such as analysis of travel spend, supplier share and policy

    --  Standard Reporting Plus - Includes flexibility to add five
        additional reports chosen from a library of travel reports,
        and two security reports for traveler tracking.

    --  Advanced Reporting - Includes 10 additional reports, a unique
        dashboard report, credit card reconciliation report, and the
        ability to drill down into a more detailed view of the data.
        Reports can also be automatically sent to third parties
        requiring corporate travel data as part of negotiated

    --  Advanced Reporting Plus - Provides multiple user access to a
        library of more than 100 reports, and allows for creation of
        new reports. Also provides customized services for report and
        data feed configuration and corporate hierarchy support for
        analyzing data at any level within the company's organization.

All reports can be delivered in PDF format for formal distribution, or in spreadsheet format as a working copy.

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