Travelocity Business Boosts Agents’ Ability to Deliver Even Faster, More Efficient Service to Corporate Travelers; Launches New Agent Desktop to Streamline Workflow and Enhance Traveler Service

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Feb 08, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Travelocity Business(SM) today announced a
new-and-improved version of its agent desktop technology designed to
help its agents deliver even faster, more efficient service to
travelers. Based on detailed feedback from Travelocity Business
agents, the new version provides a more intuitive interface, better
streamlines the workflow process, and simplifies the number of screens
an agent must access to service a traveler.

The agent desktop also incorporates several new automatic
functions into the offline environment that emulate processes that
occur during an online booking, ensuring that corporations receive the
same consistent service, regardless of whether a trip is booked online
or through an agent.

“Our goal as Travelocity Business agents is to help our customers
be successful at their own businesses by making corporate travel a
smooth and easy process,” said Suzanna Runcorn, executive and
international travel consultant at Travelocity Business. “The new
agent desktop will greatly enhance our ability to focus more attention
on the traveler while simultaneously reducing call times. That’s
really what being a full-service corporate travel agency is all about
— customer service!”

Benefits Travelocity Business customers can expect as a result of
refinements to the agent desktop include:

— More timely flight information and updates — Travelers will
now find out about potential travel issues such as weather and
flight delays more quickly. A new process automatically routes
these updates directly to the Travelocity Business agent
desktop. Agents in turn can more proactively help travelers
explore alternative travel options.

— Quicker upgrades — Travelers that call agents for assistance
will now receive upgrades even more quickly. A new pop-up
screen automatically appears on the agent desktop during the
booking process to notify the agent if a traveler qualifies.

— Faster assistance with international travel documentation —
Travelers will receive speedier assistance with international
travel needs as information about visa forms and other
international travel requirements are now integrated into the
agent desktop.

— Better reporting & tracking — Companies that require specific
authorization codes to reconcile travel activity will benefit
from a new quality control procedure within the desktop.
Similar to online processes, the automated feature confirms
that all relevant data has been entered before an offline
booking can be completed. This ensures that final reports
consistently and accurately reflect each company’s special
corporate travel requirements for both online and offline

— Enhanced loyalty program tracking — Special enhancements to
the desktop help ensure that a traveler’s loyalty IDs for air,
car and hotel programs are integrated into their final
itinerary for credit with key suppliers. The improved ID
tracking also helps facilitate activities such as the
pre-arrangement of car rentals, so that travelers can avoid
waiting in long lines at the rental counter.

“Travelocity Business agents teamed up with our product
development group to help us create an improved agent desktop based on
their extensive knowledge of the corporate travel industry,” said
Kathleen Petrovic, vice president of Global Operations at Travelocity
Business. “What better way for us to stay committed to constantly
enhancing the customer experience than to make it easier for our
agents to service travelers.”

The new agent desktop has been rolled out to the Travelocity
Business service center in Southlake, Texas, and will be rolled out to
all other service centers over the next month.

About Travelocity Business

Travelocity Business is a full-service corporate travel agency
that helps companies easily manage travel and reduce costs, while
providing more choices to travelers. Travelocity Business combines the
savings and convenience of online with the full service of dedicated
agents available 24/7 who typically answer the phone in 20 seconds,
and within 60 seconds guaranteed (see site for guarantee details).
Companies can cut travel costs through flight deals, Web fares, hotel
discounts and reduced service fees — with average business airfare
savings of 35%(a) or $185(a) per trip.

Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE:TSG) is a world leader in travel
commerce, retailing travel products and providing distribution and
technology solutions for the travel industry. More information about
Sabre Holdings is available at

Travelocity Business combines the expertise, service and travel
choices of Travelocity(R) with corporate experience gained from
serving more than half of the Fortune 200 companies. For more
information, companies can visit

(a) For Q1 2005, the average ticket price for Travelocity Business
    travelers was $347 compared to the industry available average
    airfare of $532 (NBTA "Changes in USA Network Airlines' Domestic
    Fares" -- February, 2005). Both the Travelocity Business study and
    the NBTA study compared U.S. domestic business roundtrip airfares
    in identical top business city pairs.

SOURCE: Travelocity Business

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