Travelocity Business’ Air Traffic Correspondent Offers Business Travelers The Ins and Outs of Winter Air Travel; Former FAA Air Traffic Specialist Rally Caparas Helps Travelers Avoid Delays and Missed Flights

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 1, 2004–A busy holiday travel season not only means the fun of family gatherings and getaways, but can often also mean rough winter weather and some of the lengthiest flight delays of the year for millions of travelers throughout the United States. Inclement winter weather combined with holiday travel crowds can be particularly challenging for business travelers needing to adhere to an on-time schedule.

Rally Caparas, Eye On The Sky correspondent for Travelocity Business(SM) and former FAA air traffic controller, offers vital tips on helping business travelers during this busy time avoid the time crunch of flight delays, airport congestion and missed flight connections.

During winter, airport flight schedules often become more of a wish list than a reliable guideline, so it’s more important than ever to build a travel strategy, particularly for business travel. Because of his experience as an FAA air traffic controller and traffic management specialist, Caparas has access to key data from the FAA, allowing him to deliver valuable, time-saving travel information as it develops.

Some of this season’s top tips for avoiding flight delays during the coming winter months include:

    --  Contrary to the tactics for air travel during warm weather
        months, business travelers headed into cold weather airports
        between November 15 and March 15 should try to schedule
        flights to arrive between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time of
        their destination city.

        --  Arrival delays in these cities will regularly exceed two
            to three hours, as snow, sleet, and ice become major
            factors, especially throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

        --  Planning an arrival between these prescribed times allows
            for an arrival during the warmest times of the day at your
            destination, which may mean less effects from the freezing
            conditions and shorter delays.

    --  When flying out of the nation's major/hub airports throughout
        winter, expect 30 to 60 minute departure delays, as de-icing
        procedures become a daily routine at many cold weather

        --  These delays will usually be absorbed while travelers are
            aboard the airplane, so expect takeoff wait times to be
            longer than normal.

    --  When flying during the winter months, expect the most runway
        closures and highest rate of cancelled flights, compared with
        any other time of year.

        --  These delays make it even more important to schedule
            flights during the warmest part of the day, decreasing
            your chances of a lengthy delay or cancellation.

        --  Be aware of likely delays and cancellations when
            scheduling meetings. Avoid scheduling important business
            near your planned arrival times.

As another corporate travel insider, Amy Ziff, Travelocity Business’ travel pro, offers the following tips to make delays productive:

    --  Make a "To-Do" list of all of the things you need to
        accomplish when you arrive for your meetings or return to the
        office. Prioritize your list so you are ready to get to work
        when your plane lands.

    --  Lighten your reading stack. You know that delays are likely,
        so bring along that stack of papers that has been piling up on
        your desk. You finally have the time to read through them.

    --  Organize your contact list. Go through your Blackberry, cell
        phone or address book and cross out and delete old contacts
        and phone numbers.

    --  Catch up on your e-mails with wireless Internet access if it
        is available. If not, just go through your e-mail archive and
        read all those long documents clogging your inbox.

    --  Fill out your expense report. Having your expense report
        complete before returning to the office will give you one less
        responsibility when coming back for the new year.

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