Travelocity Airport Trackers Report Clear Skies for Commuters across the U.S. This Thanksgiving; Travelers Experience Few Glitches For Turkey Day Travel, Despite Reduced Flights and More Travelers Projected On the Road

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 28, 2005–While some may
have braced themselves for delays due to reduced flights and
expectations of even more travelers in transit than last year, U.S.
travelers experienced slightly shorter wait times than in 2004 and
minimal delays overall this Thanksgiving weekend, according to
on-location airport monitoring conducted by Travelocity(R) this past
Wednesday and Sunday. Often two of the busiest travel days of the
year, they boasted smooth and easy travel conditions at the nation’s
25 busiest airports.

Security lines, which were tracked on the hour, were short overall
this Thanksgiving weekend, and travel was described as relatively calm
by Travelocity airport monitors. Tracking the busiest airports
throughout the country, Travelocity reported that average security
wait times at the majority of the airports monitored were less than 10
minutes (and often closer to 5 minutes in many cases) through security

Continuing the company’s commitment to “Customer Championship” by
helping travelers beyond booking and equipping them with relevant
information on the road, Travelocity stationed monitors at 25 of the
nation’s busiest airports for the fifth consecutive year to monitor
wait times and other key happenings.

“Based upon our findings, airports throughout the country really
pulled through this Thanksgiving holiday, and didn’t appear frazzled
by a number of potential challenges that could have led to some long
travel days this weekend,” said Amy Ziff, Travelocity’s
editor-at-large. “The Transportation Security Administration along
with airport administrators throughout the country managed to show
slight improvements to last year’s already minimal wait times.”

Following are findings reported by Travelocity representatives
stationed at 25 of the nation’s busiest airports:

Wednesday, November 23rd longest average waits through security
were found at the following airports:

    -- John F. Kennedy Airport: 17 Minutes

    -- Atlanta Airport: 12 Minutes

    -- Chicago O'Hare Airport: 11 Minutes

    -- Baltimore Airport: 11 Minutes

Wednesday, November 23rd shortest average waits through security
were found at:

    -- Cincinnati Airport: 4 Minutes

    -- Las Vegas Airport: 4 Minutes

    -- Detroit Airport: 5 Minutes

    -- Salt Lake City: 5 Minutes

    -- Seattle Airport: 5 Minutes

Sunday, November 27th longest average waits through security were
found at:

    -- John F. Kennedy Airport: 14.8 Minutes

    -- Chicago O'Hare Airport: 10.8 Minutes

    -- Las Vegas Airport: 10.3 Minutes

    -- Washington Dulles: 10.3 Minutes

Sunday, November 27th shortest average waits through security were
found at:

    -- San Francisco Airport: 4 Minutes

    -- Baltimore Airport: 4.3 Minutes

    -- Salt Lake City Airport: 4.4 Minutes

    -- Detroit Airport: 4.6 Minutes

    -- Boston Airport: 4.9 Minutes

    Additional results:

    -- Some airports began implementing special holiday programming
        and entertainment. For example, Dallas/Fort Worth airport
        distributed holiday gifts and even worked with passengers to
        sign holiday cards for U.S. troops.

    -- A couple of Dallas travelers who forgot to check baggage
        restrictions before taking off for the holidays had to make
        due by purchasing packing tape in order to connect two
        carry-on bags together.

    -- A Los Angeles couple's Thanksgiving feast was rejected by
        security when they attempted to take two large turkeys as
        carry-on luggage.

    -- Although consistent with last year's TSA security rules and
        regulations, a number of travelers still attempted to carry on
        wrapped gifts, which they later had to un-wrap for security
        screening purposes.

    -- Some airports in particular were strictly enforcing the two bag
        carry-on rule, such as Newark airport.

       --  So, it's important to remember that travelers are allowed
            only one carry-on in addition to one personal item (such
            as a laptop computer, purse, small backpack, briefcase or

       --  At LaGuardia, some travelers went so overboard on packing
            for their trips that the airport shuttles became

    -- Several travelers forgot that seemingly harmless toys are
        prohibited by security.

       --  An Orlando traveler even had to forfeit carrying on a toy
            gun - which would have been OK if sent as checked baggage

Based on Travelocity’s findings this Thanksgiving, Ziff encourages
travelers to remember a few key tips to help the rest of their holiday
travels go as smoothly as possible. Following a few traveler trip-ups
over the weekend, Ziff recommends the following:

    --  Take advantage of airport E-kiosks and online check-in at home
        to help reduce wait times at the airport.

    -- Avoid bringing anything to the airport on the "prohibited
        items" list, such as cuticle cutters, safety razors or
        lighters. Contact the airline or check for a full
        list of prohibited items.

    -- ATM machines often run out of money towards the end of the day,
        so come prepared with extra cash for cab fare home or in case
        of an emergency.

    -- Consider shipping all gifts to your destination ahead of time
        as wrapped gifts may be opened for screening purposes, and
        extra fees will apply if the allotted baggage limit is

    -- If traveling with pets, remember to check the latest rules and
        restrictions that apply. Pets may be restricted as cargo in
        extreme cold or hot weather conditions, so call ahead if the
        temperature is less than 45 degrees.

In addition to providing airport information, Rally Caparas, Eye
On The Sky correspondent for Travelocity Business(SM), reported that
the weather was on good behavior this year with just a few exceptions,
most notably in Cleveland and Colorado. For ongoing flight delay
information, visit

For more tips and advice on traveling during the holidays as well
as facts on some of the nation’s top airports, updates on air traffic
delays from Rally Caparas and travel deals for this holiday season,
visit or check out Amy Ziff’s monthly
column at


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