Travelers Can Still Stay on Budget This Summer with Tips on Where to Go, How to Save; Travelocity Data Shows Which Destinations and Ideas Are Hot for Consumers on a Tight Budget

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 1, 2006–As consumers scramble to book travel plans for what’s predicted to be one of the highest volume seasons in years, Travelocity industry insiders show that there are still great opportunities to save this summer if you’re equipped with the right information. Whether by honing in on more bargain-friendly destinations or slightly altering the way travelers research, just a few tweaks to their travel strategy could mean big bucks in savings.

Travelocity has taken the guesswork out of how and where to book this summer by researching hard industry data to reveal which destinations are showing price decreases or at least remaining steady over 2005.

“Despite the industry’s focus on price this season, people are still going to travel this summer. It’s just a matter of how and where they’ll spend their money,” said Amy Ziff, Travelocity editor-at-large. “There are a number of ways to track down good prices, but you have to know your stuff. Whether flying, driving or cruising, the golden rule is to book early and choose your destination wisely.”

Based on Travelocity data and insight from Amy Ziff, the following are important booking and destination tips to serve as this summer’s guide to savings.

AIRFARES: Following is a list of the top booked domestic and international destinations for the summer of 2006.

    Top Domestic Destinations for 2006 Summer Season

    --  Orlando

    --  Las Vegas

    --  South Florida

    --  Seattle

    --  New York City

    --  San Francisco Bay Area

    --  Los Angeles

    --  Honolulu

    --  Denver

    --  Chicago

    Top International Destinations for 2006 Summer Season

    --  Cancun

    --  London

    --  Los Cabos

    --  Puerto Vallarta

    --  San Juan, Puerto Rico

    --  Bahamas

    --  Jamaica

    --  Vancouver

    --  Rome

    --  Dominican Republic

    For travelers willing to be more flexible this year, the following
are domestic and international destinations that are bucking the trend
and actually showing that prices are down or holding steady compared
to last year.


    --  San Antonio, Texas

    --  U.S. Virgin Islands

    --  Aspen, Colo.

    --  Monterey, Calif.

    --  Montrose, Colo.


    --  Cancun

    --  Los Cabos

    --  Puerto Vallarta

    --  Bahamas

    --  Jamaica

    Top summer 2006 destinations broken down by region of origin:

    --  Far West Region: Kahului Maui, Honolulu, Los Cabos, Seattle,

    --  Great Lakes Region: Orlando, Las Vegas, South Florida, Los
        Angeles, San Francisco

    --  Mid-Atlantic Region: Orlando, South Florida, Las Vegas,
        Seattle, Los Angeles

    --  Midwest Region: Orlando, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles,
        South Florida

    --  Northeast Region: Orlando, Las Vegas, South Florida, San
        Francisco, London

    --  Pacific Northwest: Las Vegas, Washington DC, Orlando, Los
        Angeles, Anchorage

    --  Pacific Ocean Region: Lihue Kauai, Kona, Kahului Maui,
        Honolulu, San Francisco

    --  Rocky Mountain Region: Las Vegas, New York, Orlando,
        Anchorage, Los Angeles

    --  Southeast Region: Las Vegas, New York, Seattle, San Francisco,

    --  Southwest Region: Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago,

HOTELS: Ziff says it’s still very possible to find a great deal on hotels this summer and the surest route to good bargains is to:

    --  Search for hotels that have a low price guarantee.

    --  Buy in a bundle. This saves on air, hotel, rental car and
        activities by accessing rates you wouldn't have access to if
        buying a la carte.

    --  Look for value deals (for example, if you're booking three
        nights, you may get the fourth free).

    --  Book early to popular destinations, as some hotels have begun
        applying more sophisticated revenue management practices and
        will raise rates during high-occupancy periods.

    --  Consider booking off-peak destinations where rates are lower
        than other times of the year and travelers may be able to get
        a better value for the dollar by upgrading to a fancier hotel.

International and domestic destinations where hotel rates are steady or lower year over year include some surprises:

    --  International: London, Paris, Jamaica, Bahamas, Barcelona

    --  Domestic: Las Vegas, Reno, Atlanta, Nashville, Monterey,

RENTAL CARS: When consumers were asked about gas prices in a 2006 Travelocity survey, the majority (60 percent) said prices would not impact their road trip plans for the summer. However, 34 percent acknowledged that they would. Of those who said their trips would be impacted (stats according to Travelocity’s annual forecast poll — Jan 2006):

    --  26 percent said they would fly instead of drive

    --  8 percent would drive shorter distances

    --  10 percent would take shorter road trips

    --  33 percent plan to reduce the number of trips slightly

    --  10 percent will drastically reduce the number of trips planned

To ensure travelers get the best rates on rental cars, Ziff says to lock in rentals as early as possible. “Travelers should look for any lodging promotions that may help them offset the price of gas,” said Ziff.

CRUISE FOR SUMMER BARGAINS: Cruise prices have been on the rise the past few years, but the market is beginning to soften with some excellent prices. In fact, Ziff says that a cruise offers one of the best value-vacations this summer, and they appeal to the whole family. To get the best bang for their buck, travelers should:

    --  Choose less popular itineraries. Consider a cruise up the
        Eastern Seaboard. See scenic sites such as Bar Harbor, Prince
        Edward Island, Quebec and more.

    --  Utilize drive up ports.

    --  Look for repositioning cruises, which is when cruise ships
        transition from year-round warm destinations to other, more
        seasonal regions. These often offer excellent pricing and
        one-of-a-kind itineraries.

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