Results Show 285 Percent ROI with Significant Gains in Adoption and Fare Savings

Southlake, Texas – (September 21, 2009) – GetThere(R) and Sabre Travel Network(R)  today announced the results of a commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on their behalf, which details the travel savings multi-national firms can generate by using the GetThere online travel procurement system in conjunction with the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS). 

The independent Total Economic Impact(TM) study followed a proven methodology Forrester has used across several vertical markets, measuring the impact of corporate technology investments across four dimensions – Cost, Benefits, Flexibility, and Risk.

About GetThere and the Sabre GDS

GetThere is the world’s leading global online business travel procurement solution, used by the majority of the Fortune 200 that have an online booking solution.  The Sabre GDS is the world’s largest with 40 percent global market share, and is the undisputed market leader in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America.  Sabre processes more than 70 percent of travel bookings made by America’s 100 largest corporate travel programs.

Savings Detailed for a Composite Multi-National
Company with $70 million in Annual Air Spend

Beginning in April 2009, Forrester performed a series of in-depth interviews with four prominent companies that ultimately deployed GetThere on Sabre GDS after a period where they were using either another GDS and/or booking solution.  Key baseline statistics (air spend, transaction costs, adoption percentages, etc.) were compiled to deliver a composite, single multi-national firm with approximately $70 million in annual air spend.

From the undisclosed companies’ data and feedback, Forrester delivered the following findings:

  • Payback Period and ROI – The ROI for the composite company is 285 percent over three years, breaking even within the first quarter after deployment.
  • Adoption Rate – The adoption rate leaps from 50 percent to 80 percent by the end of the first year of deployment (in conjunction with best-practice adoption techniques and GetThere’s unique dynamic messaging capabilities that are supported by both the company and its fulfilling travel management company).
  • Average Transaction Fees – Fees were reduced by 50 percent across the entire scope of the program (inclusive of online and offline bookings).
  • Travel Savings – Savings were achieved as a result of stricter enforcement of travel policies through the visual cues on the online booking tool and the greater availability (and thus wider range of prices) of flights on the Sabre GDS.
  • Labor Savings – Due to the increased productivity of internal travel staff, the companies were able to reduce staffing by the cost of two full-time equivalents.

According to the study, “The higher the air-travel spend of an organization, the higher the ROI associated with the implementation of GetThere on the Sabre GDS. Forrester also found that a higher ROI was associated with companies that had better adoption rates for the online booking tool.”

A company with $70 million in annual air spend would rank 55th on Business Travel News’ latest ranking of the 100 largest North American business travel programs.

GetThere and Sabre believe that the report reflects results and metrics announced by GetThere, Sabre and other travel industry organizations in recent months, including:


“In today’s economic environment, a corporation’s travel program needs to deliver value, getting people where they need to go at the lowest possible cost,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president of Sabre Travel Network and president of GetThere.  “With this report, travel managers and procurement professionals charged with managing business travel are now equipped with metrics and details that illustrate where travel savings are truly maximized.  Efficient technology links between Sabre and GetThere provide the global content, capabilities and infrastructure multi-national firms need to support their travel programs as they emerge from this recession and get back on the road to visit existing clients and win new business.”

The Forrester study will be featured in a free web conference taking place on Thursday, September 24 at 2:00 pm EST. Corporations, media, travel management companies and other parties can sign up for the web conference and download the report at

About the Forrester Consulting Study

To complete the study, Forrester performed in-depth interviews with four companies that deployed GetThere on Sabre after a period where they were using either another GDS and / or booking solution.  The participating companies included:

  • A global investment banking, securities and investment management firm
  • The North American operating unit of a European-based company that offers technological solutions for power generation
  • A leading provider of communications services in North America
  • A United States-based financial services company and one of the largest commercial banks in the country with more than 6,000 banking locations and offices worldwide

The companies looked at their travel data prior to the joint deployment of GetThere on Sabre, and Forrester Consulting compared and contrasted the financials before and after the deployment date. For complete findings from Forrester, please visit

About GetThere
GetThere is the world’s leading global online business travel procurement solution, surpassing $9 billion in annual bookings. GetThere’s proven technology and unparalleled global service infrastructure helps corporations collectively save millions in air and hotel costs.  Through its unique relationship with Travelocity(R), GetThere provides a familiar online booking experience for travelers of more than 3,000 companies, including a majority of multi-national Fortune 200 firms that deploy online booking.  GetThere works with all major global distribution systems (GDS).  Companies using GetThere and the Sabre GDS together can optimize efficiency and cost savings across the entire travel procurement process.  More information is available at

About Sabre Travel Network
Sabre Travel Network, a Sabre Holdings(R) company, provides the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions for corporate and leisure travel. The Sabre(R) GDS is the foundation for these solutions, providing a ready-built efficient marketplace that connects travel suppliers, including hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels, with more than 55,000 travel agency locations. Currently, Sabre collectively handles over 70 percent of the BTN 100 bookings.

Sabre Holdings connects people with the world’s greatest travel possibilities by retailing travel products and providing distribution and technology solutions for the travel industry. More information about Sabre Holdings is available at