Six Carriers Select Enhanced Crew Management Solution on Linux Platform; By Implementing the AirCrews Pairing Optimizer, the Carriers Can Reduce Crew-Related Costs by up to 10 Percent.

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 15, 2005–Air Jamaica, Frontier Airlines, Mesa Air Group, Spirit Airlines, Skyservice Airlines and Atlantic Southeast Airlines have joined the growing list of carriers that have chosen to deploy the Sabre AirCrews Pairing Optimizer on the Linux operating system, a freeware operating system that can run on a desktop, to reduce crew-related costs.

The Pairing Optimizer enables airlines to generate optimal legal pairings that achieve desired business goals, which helps reduce the number of crew-related flight cancellations and delays as well as decrease crew-related costs by up to 10 percent. Through a variety of “what-if” scenarios, the system enables the airlines to determine the financial ramifications of changes in labor contracts or proposed federal aviation rules before they are implemented.

“Since we’ve implemented the Pairing Optimizer, we’ve seen tremendous improvement in our ability to manage our crew resources,” said George Webster, Director of Systems Operations Control for Frontier Airlines. “Using the system, we are able to optimize our crew schedule while complying with all federal regulations and labor rules.”

Sabre Airline Solutions continuously invests in new technology and optimization techniques that make the Pairing Optimizer one of the leading optimizers in the industry. These investments have resulted in benefits for users of this sophisticated, cost-saving tool to help address issues in the current environment — specifically better optimization solutions with increased cost efficiencies, faster run times and a more user-friendly product experience.

“Our goal is to give airlines easy-to-access and implement technology that provides a quick return on investment,” said Steve Clampett, president of Airline Products and Services for Sabre Airline Solutions. “Airlines, such as these six carriers, can leverage the investments we make, including the versatility of the Pairing Optimizer, to stay competitive in this dynamic marketplace.”

To date, airlines around the globe have implemented the Pairing Optimizer on the UNIX platform. To help meet the growing market need, Sabre Airline Solutions is now also making the Pairing Optimizer available on the Linux platform. By operating on the Linux platform, the Pairing Optimizer enables all types of airlines, regardless of size or business model, to utilize its industry-leading algorithms to reduce crew costs. Offering both the UNIX and Linux platforms provides the ability for airlines without an extensive information technology infrastructure or support staff to deploy the system on standard personal computers, giving analysts the ability to conduct better what-if analysis as well as vastly improve crew planning operations.

Mesa, Air Jamaica and Frontier are already utilizing the Pairing Optimizer on the Linux platform, and ASA, Spirit and Skyservice will implement the system this month.

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