Simplifying the Business with SabreSonic Ticket; SabreSonic Ticket Provides Options for Carriers of All Sizes, Addresses IATA E-Ticketing Initiative

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 31, 2005–Sabre Airline
Solutions announced the introduction of Electronic Ticket Essentials,
a low impact, simplified approach to electronic ticket distribution,
interline electronic ticketing and check-in processes for carriers
that have not yet implemented their own solution. Using the SabreSonic
solutions’ open-systems technology, the Electronic Ticket Essentials
component — part of the SabreSonic Ticket portfolio that includes the
industry’s richest package of e-ticketing solutions — directly
addresses airlines’ needs regarding the International Air Transport
Association’s “Simplifying the Business” initiative to move the
industry to 100 percent electronic ticketing by 2007.

Unlike the conventional approach to electronic ticketing, which
requires significant changes to airline business processes in several
areas, the Electronic Ticket Essentials component retains existing
processes within the airline, minimizing internal costs and training.
The Electronic Ticket Essentials component’s unique approach also
minimizes activation costs and a transaction fee pricing approach
allows carriers of all sizes to realize the full benefits of GDS
electronic ticketing. Using Sabre Airline Solutions’ patent pending
technology, the Electronic Ticket Essentials component enables an
airline to distribute electronic tickets through travel agents,
interline electronic tickets to provide e-ticketing among multiple
carriers and check in passengers with electronic tickets

“Airlines are looking to their technology partners to simplify the
travel process — and e-ticketing is an area in which we believe we
have strongly delivered robust solutions,” said Gianni Marostica,
president of Airline Passenger Solutions for Sabre Airline Solutions.
“We provided every option for all types of carriers because every
carrier has unique needs and the solution for them is not always the
same. We are very pleased that our SabreSonic solutions e-ticketing
approach has been able to play a part in so many airlines advancing
their customer service, ease of use and compliance with IATA’s
‘Simplifying the Business’ initiative, and we believe that the
Electronic Ticketing Essentials component will help even more carriers
meet this goal in a way that doesn’t require major change to their
business processes.”

Part of the leading e-ticketing solutions suite, the Electronic
Ticket Essentials component joins existing SabreSonic ticketing
options including:

    --  SabreSonic Ticket -- State-of-the-art e-ticketing module that
        eliminates the need to build costly systems for electronic
        ticket distribution and database maintenance. Using this
        component, airlines can connect to a universal electronic
        ticketing hub for cost-effective, efficient connectivity to
        e-ticketing partner airlines. SabreSonic Ticket components

    --  Full Service Electronic Ticketing -- Allows an airline to
        remain hosted on its reservations system while acquiring the
        ability to access and utilize a full suite of electronic
        ticketing products within Sabre Airline Solutions' e-ticketing

    --  Interline Electronic Ticketing Hub -- Enables the exchange of
        inbound and outbound interline electronic tickets with
        multiple participating airlines via a single connection to the
        Sabre IET Hub. Carriers implementing IET connections through
        the IET Hub average savings of 50 percent for initial
        connections versus the industry standard, and greater than 50
        percent savings on subsequent connections. Sabre Airline
        Solutions has already implemented 26 connections through the
        IET Hub component of SabreSonic Ticket.

    --  Ground Handling Electronic Ticket Solutions -- Enables the
        exchange of electronic ticket coupon data between an operating
        carrier and a ground handler using IATA Resolution 722h ground
        handling methods

SabreSonic Res also supports the “Simplifying the Business”
initiative with a complete host and ticketing solution with advanced
reservations management capabilities that enable an airline to
efficiently grow revenue and manage every channel of distribution. The
offering includes the industry’s leading online booking engine as well
as shopping, ticketing and codeshare capabilities all managed from a
single, easy-to-use GUI.

In February, American Airlines adopted Sabre Airline Solutions’
IET Hub offering to enhance the traveling experience and lower costs.
The IET Hub helps American Airlines connect to its partner carriers in
the oneworld alliance.

Sabre Airline Solutions’ involvement in the fulfillment of
interline e-ticketing among all oneworld alliance partners is a prime
example of the far-reaching effect e-ticketing is having, and will
continue to have, on the industry.

“We are very excited about reaching this goal at this point.
e-Ticketing is a significant part of our vision for simplification and
the partnerships with the technology vendors such as Sabre (Airline
Solutions) were key to this success,” said Bob McNair, vice president
of Information Technology for oneworld.

e-Ticketing Facts:

    --  It is estimated that an average of US$9 is saved when an
        e-ticket is issued as opposed to a paper ticket through the
        elimination of printing, postage, shipping, storage and
        accounting costs.

    --  IATA figures attest that 7 percent of tickets worldwide are
        e-tickets, with a 1 percent to 2 percent increase every month.

    --  IATA aims to arrive at 40 percent e-ticketing by the end of
        2005, 70 percent in 2006, and 100 percent e-ticketing by the
        end of 2007.

    --  e-Ticketing by the numbers:

        --  44 percent of tickets issued in the Americas are e-tickets

        --  Europe is at 35 percent

        --  Asia/Pacific is at 25 percent

    --  For the travel agent, e-ticketing provides a greater level of
        flexibility that enables the agents to handle changes to
        itineraries and last-minute travel decisions instantly and

    --  During irregular operations, IET facilitates the transfer of
        coupons to alternative flights on other airlines.

    --  e-Ticketing allows increased efficiency in revenue accounting.

Sabre Airline Solutions e-Ticketing Figures:

    --  Almost 40 airlines hosted in SabreSonic Res have implemented
        electronic ticketing.

    --  Sabre Airline Solutions has implemented 58 interline
        electronic ticketing connections for 30 unique carriers; 26
        connections are routed through the IET hub, and 23 carriers
        are connected to the hub. This includes 15 non-hosted

    --  In 2004 Sabre Travel Network (GDS) issued over 136 million
        tickets of which 75 million were electronic tickets.

    --  Sabre Travel Network distributes electronic ticketing for 65
        airlines in 64 countries.

    --  In January 2002, 43 percent of travel agency-issued tickets
        were electronic.

    --  In January 2005, 68 percent of travel agency-issued tickets
        were electronic.

    --  In June 2004, (date of IATA Simplifying the Business
        announcement), 60 percent of travel agency issued tickets were

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