Sabre signs multi-year agreement with Pegasus Airlines

Turkish carrier’s schedules, inventory and fares available to Sabre-connected agencies worldwide London, UK – Thursday, July 18, 2013 Sabre Travel Network, a global technology company, has signed a multi-year agreement with Turkish carrier Pegasus Airlines. The deal means more than 370,000 travel agents connected to Sabre travel marketplace in more than 130 countries will receive access to the airline’s seats and fare classes. Güliz Öztürk, senior vice president, commercial, for Pegasus, said: “Sabre’s innovative leadership and ability to help airlines market and sell products to millions of travellers worldwide is an extremely important for airlines. “Being a low-cost airline, costs have to be kept to a minimum so the lowest possible fares can be offered to customers. Our aim, therefore, is to provide customers with alternative sales channels, with Sabre one of the most important of those. As such, this partnership supports our business model and multi-channel approach. “Sabre’s global reach and access to hundreds of thousands of travel agents will allow us to boost sales and drive the business to the next level. In turn, out ever-expanding network in the Middle East, Caucasus, Russia and Europe will mean Sabre-connected agents have access to our network of 72 destinations at low cost. ” David Gross, senior vice president, Global Supplier Commerce said: “Pegasus is one of Europe’s fastest growing airlines based in a country that is quickly establishing itself as a leading hub for aviation. “This is, therefore, an extremely important partnership as it provides Sabre agencies with valuable content to offer their customers and gives Pegasus an unrivalled reach into hundreds of global markets. “Sabre invests hundreds of millions of Euros every year in technology to help airlines grow their businesses and provide agencies with an efficient and transparent platform to sell air travel to their customers.” Sabre operates the world’s largest travel marketplace, facilitating the sale of travel between buyers and sellers.