Sabre Red Workspace Wins Innovation Award At Business Travel & Meetings Show in UK

Sabre Upgrades 82,000 Customers in 100 Countries to Unique Agent Platform

Seamless Integration of Applications Give Agents Increased Efficiency and Convenience

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – Feb. 8, 2011 – Sabre Travel Network, the leading provider of high performance solutions for the travel industry, has won a Business Travel & Meetings Show Innovation Award for its Sabre Red Workspace. This is the third year Sabre has won an Innovation Award at the Show, highlighting the company’s strong commitment to innovation. Sabre won the Innovation Award in the Technology for Travel and Meetings category.  

After announcing Sabre Red in June 2010 and quickly beginning the upgrade process in July of last year, the company has already reached the 50 percent mark in its plan to upgrade customers to the Sabre Red Workspace. More than 82,000 travel agents in 100 countries are already realizing the benefits of the Red Workspace, with its superior speed, increased efficiency and flexible administrative controls. The upgrade of Sabre agencies to the Red Workspace has been achieved with unprecedented speed and efficiency, enabling agents to realize benefits from day one.

Travel management companies know they can count on Sabre to deliver innovations that help them succeed,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president of Marketing for Sabre Travel Network. “By listening to customers, we can identify their needs and deliver the essential tools that they demand to stay competitive and win in the marketplace.” 

“We could not have chosen a better solution for our global operations than Sabre Red,” said Tom Osovitzki, CEO of ctms, a Canadian based travel management company ­with branches in the US, Europe and Russia. “In the seven months since ctms began using the Red Workspace, we have seen a significant increase in revenue, thanks to its extreme efficiency. It helps our agents use their time more effectively, which means they can serve more customers. As ctms further expands into world markets this year, we are confident that Sabre Red is the right solution to help us grow our business, and achieve our goals and those of our customers.”

Advanced Technology Powering Red Workspace

Sabre has leveraged the most advanced, open technology platform in the industry today to deliver the Sabre Red Workspace, supercharging the power, usability and consistency of an agent’s workflow.

Seamless Integration of Applications: The advanced technology allows customers to seamlessly integrate Sabre-built, third-party and proprietary applications directly into the Red Workspace and also ensures compatibility with existing applications. Agents have easy access to all the functionality, data and tools needed in one point of sale. This integration drives added convenience and efficiency for travel management companies.
Highly Configurable: The Red Workspace offers unprecedented control to agencies, delivering maximum efficiency to their workflow. An agency can control which set of tools are visible and available to each individual agent.  Individual users within the same agency may have a very different version of the Red Workspace depending on what tools are relevant to their workflow.
Intuitive User Experience: The smart technology recognizes the agent’s workflow and presents the right tools at the right time. This innovation helps drive convenience and effectiveness by ensuring agents are not using valuable time searching for the tools or functions needed to serve customers.
Rock-Solid Stability: The proven, open technology platform ensures the highest level of speed and stability each time Red Workspace is used.  Because the technology is so flexible, the Red Workspace can be implemented in different types of environments, including low bandwidth areas, easily accommodating customized setups with no additional major investments.
Easy Access to Enhancements: Updates, whether new features or an entirely new version, are delivered in the background without interrupting the agent’s workflow. This innovative process protects the agent’s productivity while adding enhancements to the application. 

The Workspace is just one of the innovative capabilities Sabre has delivered since announcing Sabre Red in June 2010, with more enhancements on the way. In the coming weeks, Sabre will increase the number of agencies beta-testing a fully graphical workflow for air, car and hotel, expanding on its current graphical capabilities. The expanded graphical workflow will deliver significantly greater efficiency and ease of use, even for the most expert agents.

“To be successful, savvy agencies will want to embrace new technologies to meet the changing needs of tomorrow’s travellers. We want to be their partner every step the way,” said Kroeger.

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