Sabre introduces bold, new industry standard for airline reservation systems

SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service is first to provide revenue generation with individualized customer approach

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Sept. 8, 2008 – Sabre Holdings today announced the launch of the SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service (CSS) solution, which creates the industry’s first real intersection of customer-focused solutions and revenue generation in every distribution channel to help airlines realize their revenue goals.

SabreSonic CSS is the result of a broad-scale, multi-year financial investment plan that spans Sabre’s comprehensive travel commerce portfolio. This launch is in conjunction with the rollout of the first components of SabreSonic CSS, which are being used at airlines today, such as pay-for-seats capabilities across all distribution channels. Additional modules of SabreSonic CSS will be continuously rolled out to airlines over the coming months.

SabreSonic CSS also represents Sabre’s continued investments in the world’s largest airline software portfolio, which continually helps carriers adapt and address the dynamic needs of the marketplace.

“Through SabreSonic CSS, Sabre is providing airlines with real choices in systems that fully leverages technology and creates business value while being flexible enough to drive revenue generation once adopted,” said Tom Klein, group president of Sabre Airline Solutions and Sabre Travel Network. “These are the kinds of solutions airlines are asking us to deliver. SabreSonic CSS is a unique solution that will deliver significant value to our customers—there is nothing in the market like it.”

Sabre is re-defining the footprint of reservations systems, offering airlines broader possibilities by pairing revenue management, advanced inventory capabilities and comprehensive merchandising functions with insightful information about their customers so airlines can tailor product and service offerings to fit each customer’s needs.

SabreSonic CSS complements SabreSonic’s already high-performance capabilities, available today, such as leading graphical user interfaces, reservations with full customer insight, airline alliance and partnering tools, complete departure control, inventory, online booking, shopping, pricing, and interline e-ticketing hub.

Current SabreSonic customers will see continued growth in the value of their reservations system as they add the specific SabreSonic CSS components that best fit their business model to achieve increased revenue.

SabreSonic CSS offers capabilities not otherwise available in a single solution from any other provider. The solution will continue to evolve its offerings and capabilities over the next three years, bringing each new module to the marketplace as it’s completed, allowing all customers the option to augment their current systems, or replace it with SabreSonic CSS components in the timeframe they choose.

SabreSonic CSS also provides airlines flexibility, through a natural language rules-system, to:
• Use inventory controls that adapt to numerous changes in the selling environment
• Sell and fulfill merchandising options and branded fares across every distribution channel by using a real-time customer value score to easily provide differentiated service to each customer.

Sabre Holdings developed SabreSonic CSS by combining the proficiency and insight of its innovative community of over 100 airlines with the expertise and experience of its technology and business team across the entire company to ensure satisfaction and fast adoption.

“The scale of our community and the power of our leading edge technologies allow us to provide value that is unlikely to be matched,” Klein said.

The SabreSonic CSS technology platform is designed to support all the above capabilities and will provide carriers with a configurable, adaptable solution they may implement as they choose. The platform will be based on modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles and will result in an open, standards-based environment.

“Travelers today want the best travel experience possible that fits the needs of each trip they take whether it is a lavish vacation abroad or a budget-conscious business trip,” Klein said. “SabreSonic CSS allows airlines to meet these customer demands.”

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