Sabre Holdings acquires Flightline Data Services

Company’s airline crew member products to enhance Sabre offering



SOUTHLAKE, Texas, July 7 – Sabre Holdings today announced the acquisition of Flightline Data Services Inc., a leading provider of airline crew member schedule management solutions. This acquisition will enhance Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations suite of Airline Operations products and services.


Flightline will become part of Sabre Airline Solutions, the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions and services for airlines and airports. Flightline’s crew products and services will augment the Sabre AirCentre portfolio with real-time trip trading, mobile applications, preferential bidding, vacation bidding, system and training bidding capabilities.


Based in Fayetteville, Georgia, Flightline serves over 20 airlines in North America. It provides airlines and crew members with solutions to successfully manage complex crew management issues, including planning and scheduling.


“Managing the schedule of pilots and flight attendants on a daily basis is one of the most critical tasks for airlines,” said Steve Clampett, president, Sabre Airline Solutions Products and Solutions. “While Sabre provides its customers with outstanding crew solutions, the acquisition of Flightline complements our portfolio and allows us to provide airlines with new products that will help lower crew-related costs, improve crew efficiency and increase crew satisfaction.”


Among the Flightline products that airlines and their crew members can leverage through Sabre are trip trading, and a mobile application, which provides crew members complete access to their schedules and, more importantly, the ability to request changes.


“Flightline has enjoyed a great working relationship with Sabre as we have worked together to meet the needs of many common customers,” said Jim Faber, president, Flightline Data Services. “Becoming part of the Sabre Airline Solutions portfolio is something we’re all looking forward to as we collaborate to bring the industry compelling products  to help airlines alleviate a complicated aspect of their daily operation.”


Sabre’s newly enhanced crew offerings will also include management of critical scheduling functions including crew member trades, reserve management, and crew member mobile communications, among many other capabilities.



About Sabre Airline Solutions


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