Sabre Holdings acquires flight planning company f:wz

Company’s world-class flight planning solutions will bolster Sabre offerings

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Sept. 28, 2010 – Sabre Holdings today announced the acquisition of f:wz,  a leading provider of flight planning solutions. This acquisition will enhance Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations suite of flight planning products and services.

f:wz, a subsidiary of Dubai Aerospace Enterprises, will become part of Sabre Airline Solutions, the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions and services for airlines and airports. f:wz’s flight planning products and services will augment the Sabre AirCentre portfolio, bringing even more cost-saving solutions to its customers.

Based in Vienna, Austria, f:wz provides state-of-the-art solutions to airlines worldwide. In addition to its core Flight Planning capabilities, f:wz’s tools also provide services for navigation database management, aircraft performance support, route and restriction database support and NOTAM management.

Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations suite of products and services encompasses flight planning and operations, crew management, airport resource management, and maintenance and engineering solutions.  The Sabre AirCentre suite has the largest community of airlines around the world and helps them operate more efficiently every day by managing their largest expense line items such as crew expenses, fuel, airport resources and maintenance and improving on-time performance.
The acquisition of f:wz will also strengthen Sabre’s ability to assist airlines requiring outsourced flight planning support. f:wz products further increase Sabre’s ability to provide airlines with even more costs savings and operational efficiency, including reduction of overall fuel burn and lowering CO2 emissions.

“f:wz is an outstanding company that has set new, innovative standards in cost reduction and fuel optimization within the flight planning industry and we are thrilled that they are now part of Sabre Airline Solutions and our Sabre AirCentre Enterprise Operations suite of solutions,” said Steve Clampett, president of Sabre Airline Solutions Products and Services. “Sabre already offers airlines some of the best-in-class flight planning tools so as we integrate f:wz’s offerings into our portfolio, we will have flight planning solutions and services that are second to none.”

“f:wz is excited to join the Sabre Airline Solutions portfolio as our combined products, services and resources will result in the most powerful flight planning solutions in the industry,” said Marc Foerstemann, managing director of f:wz . “Airlines can now enjoy working with a single vendor to handle all of their end-to-end flight planning needs based on the very best technology.”

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