Sabre Airline Solutions Offers Relief from the Unprecedented Pressure on the Global Airline Industry

Resource management solution helps reduce labor, equipment and fuel burn costs without compromising customer service

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Aug. 12, 2008 – It has never been more vital for the airline industry to contain and reduce operational costs in order to achieve profitability. And if battling soaring fuel costs amid an increasingly complex environment was not enough of a challenge, these cost controls and reductions must be implemented without compromising the travel experience of passengers. Revenue, market share and customer loyalty hang in the balance.

The two largest cost impacts to an airline’s bottom line, labor and fuel, have handcuffed the airline industry. Although the price per barrel of oil is outside the control of an airline, significant cost reductions can be achieved in other areas by maximizing efficiencies in staffing, equipment utilization and fuel burn.

To relieve operational cost restraints, many airlines use Sabre Airline Solutions’ Streamline Resource Management Suite to assist the airline industry with their resource management needs. This solution is designed to handle every aspect of the resourcing needs of airlines, ground handlers, airports, caterers, cargo handlers and airport-based security agencies. Streamline provides airlines the capability to efficiently and optimally plan, administer and manage ground resources such as employees, equipment and gates.

The current marketplace environment is forcing airlines to rapidly model and evaluate different schedule scenarios including flight consolidation and headcount reduction. Streamline provides the ability to run “what-if” scenarios, analyze the impact of those scenarios and produce the most cost-effective resource plan. In addition to reducing equipment and labor costs, the solution helps minimize unnecessary fuel burn through accurate and timely gate and equipment allocations that reduce aircraft wait time on the taxiway.

Sabre works collaboratively with each customer through a proprietary delivery method to ensure maximum value in the shortest adoption time. The primary focus of the solution is providing resource optimization capabilities enhanced through business process definition via Sabre’s industry-leading rules engine.

Sabre’s Streamline solution has been implemented by customers worldwide. As an industry leader, Sabre continues to invest in the Streamline solution to address the evolving needs of existing clients as well as new customers. Recent new customers and renewal customers include Saudi Arabian Airlines, Japan Airlines, AirTran Airways, Avianca Airlines, and JetBlue Airways.

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