Sabre Airline Solutions Makes Electronic Ticketing Connection Between Alaska Airlines and Korean Airways; 38 Carriers Now Participate in the SabreSonic Ticket E-Ticketing Hub to Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Service

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Nov 30, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Sabre Airline Solutions, the industry leader in airline
operations technology, announced today the successful implementation
of interline electronic ticketing between Alaska Airlines and Korean
Air. Sabre Airline Solutions was able to provide the interline
e-ticketing capability at significantly reduced costs in a short
timeframe by leveraging its “e-ticketing hub” for efficient
connectivity between participating airlines.

The e-ticketing hub is part of SabreSonic Ticket, a
state-of-the-art e-ticketing module for airlines that eliminates the
need for carriers to build costly systems for electronic ticket
distribution and database maintenance. The e-ticketing hub
significantly simplifies the process for enabling interline electronic
ticketing between two carriers. This capability comes at a time when
there is a growing interest in e-ticketing, especially for itineraries
that include travel on different carriers.

In the past, a carrier had to create a separate bilateral
communication link each time it wanted to enable interline e-ticketing
capability with another carrier. Establishing interline message
communication on a bilateral basis between two carriers is a costly
and time-intensive exercise that then needs to be replicated carrier
by carrier. With the e-ticketing hub, Sabre Airline Solutions has
streamlined the communication protocols between carriers. Now a
carrier establishes a single connection to the e-ticketing hub to
enable interline electronic ticketing with other participating
airlines. Currently, there are 38 carriers participating in the
SabreSonic Ticket Interline Electronic Ticket Hub, including American
Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, Qantas, Airways Iberia, Cathay
Pacific Airways, and Japan Airlines.

“It is important for us to maintain the level of service our
customers expect while keeping costs low,” said Karen Broghammer,
manager CRC and Technology Development at Alaska Airlines. “Sabre
Airline Solutions’ new-generation technology and ease of
implementation enables us to do just that with electronic ticketing
and positions us for future growth.”

In addition to the rapid delivery and reduced costs for interline
electronic connections, Sabre Airline Solutions provides unique
processing tools. The diagnostic tools, including e-mail alert
functionality and access to individual ticketing messages, provides
airline employees with the resources to quickly diagnose and solve
message errors. Availability of such enhancements comes as a benefit
of the product’s development in an open-system environment.

Sabre Airline Solutions’ e-ticketing program supports the
International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Simplifying the
Business initiative, which calls for 100 percent e-ticketing by the
end of 2007. Carriers that have implemented the SabreSonic Ticket IET
hub have realized savings of up to 50 percent compared to bilateral

Many carriers worldwide had begun introducing e-ticketing prior to
the IATA initiative since it provides both a cost advantage and an
additional customer-centric offering. Using e-tickets, airlines can
reduce costs associated with the production of paper tickets and the
manpower needed to facilitate their use while offering more convenient
and easier to execute transfers.

The implementation between Korean Airways and Alaska Airlines
demonstrates the flexibility of the SabreSonic Ticket e-ticketing hub
– any airline can participate regardless of the reservations system.
While Alaska Airlines is enhancing its SabreSonic Res system with its
connection to the e-ticketing hub, Korean Airways is a SkyTeam member
and uses its own in-house systems to manage reservations.

“By delivering to our customers the latest, most advanced
offerings spanning the breadth of airline operations, and by
responding to their feedback, we are able to address our customers’
needs – such as preparation for 100 percent e-ticketing – with an
agility and time to market unequalled in the marketplace,” said Gianni
Marostica, president of Airline Passenger Solutions at Sabre Airline

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