Sabre Airline Solutions Kicks Off 2005 with Three New International Airlines Choosing SabreSonic in One-Month Span; Enthusiastic Response to New Generation Resource Continues

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 9, 2005–Sabre Airline Solutions, the industry leader in airline operational and commercial technology, announced three new carriers have chosen SabreSonic, the industry’s first and only new generation solution ready for install. Euromanx, Afriqiyah and Ozjet join a community of more than 100 airlines that have chosen Sabre as its partner for some of the most critical technologies to airline operations.

These three wins punctuate an overwhelmingly successful introduction of the open systems architecture of SabreSonic in 2004, with a total of eight carriers worldwide converting to the new generation solution for reservations and three carriers opting for non-hosted passenger component resources. In addition, five hosted carriers renewed and expanded their commitment to Sabre Airline Solutions as its reservations provider and nine carriers purchased new modular components available under the new generation offering.

“We knew we wanted a more robust, flexible solution than what we saw with other carriers in this region,” said captain Sabri S. Abdallah, chairman of Afriqiyah. “We were impressed with the customer focused features that SabreSonic provides, but even more importantly, that we could have it in place within months rather than years.”

Shamus Byrne, sales and marketing director for Euromanx, commented “SabreSonic is clearly the industry’s most advanced solution — and its flexibility and component approach make it affordable as well. This combination provides Euromanx possibilities that otherwise would not be available. We are looking forward to realizing the return-on-investment and customer satisfaction that SabreSonic will bring.”

Hans Van Pelt, chief executive officer of OzJet, commented, “We are entering a highly sophisticated and competitive marketplace in Australia and we know our survival depends on a combination of the right business model, the right people, and the very best technology that will allow us to offer the best service to our customers.

After an extensive evaluation of what was available in this region, we chose SabreSonic because it met all our needs over the alternate offerings. SabreSonic is the only solution available today that offers an open systems architecture that will enable us to quickly adapt to changing market demands and business requirements. Through its modular architecture and performance-focused pricing, SabreSonic offers us maximum scope and scale to accommodate our future growth plans.”

Airlines that chose the SabreSonic suite in 2004 are as diverse as the regions from which they originate, including:

Carrier Using      Technology Selected
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
Aeroflot           Full SabreSonic suite and GDS Access
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
                   SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
Aerolineas del Sur  Ticket, GDS Access. Also Sabre Air Ops, Dispatch
                    Manager, Load Manager and Movement Manager.
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
                   SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
Air One             Inventory, SabreSonic Ticket, SabreSonic Command,
                    SabreSonic Web as well as Sabre AirOps Load
                    Manager Interface to SabreSonic and AirMax
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
                   SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
Air Tahiti Nui      Inventory, SabreSonic Ticket, SabreSonic Command,
                    Traverse Loyalty System
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
Alpi Eagles        SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
                    Inventory, SabreSonic Ticket, SabreSonic Command
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
Central Mountain   SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
 Air                Inventory, SabreSonic Ticket, SabreSonic Command
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
Gulf Air           Sabre Sonic Check-in, SabreSonic Ticket
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
Frontier Airlines  SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
                    Inventory, SabreSonic Command
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
Hawaiian Airlines  SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
                    Ticket, SabreSonic Command
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
SWE-FLY            SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Ticket and SabreSonic
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------
Valuair            SabreSonic Res, SabreSonic Check-In, SabreSonic
                    Inventory, SabreSonic Command and GDS Access
------------------ ---------------------------------------------------

“The plug and play architecture was central to our decision as it offers the flexibility and scalability we need to adopt and integrate new technologies as our services expand and our business model changes,” said Dean Mills, president, Air Andaman. “As an emerging player with considerable plans for the future, we are also able to take advantage of a new generation solution at a price point that matches our current model and immediately reap the benefits of the open systems approach.”

The ease of implementation and integration keeps the technology at a cost carriers of all sizes can afford, and the solution continues to help reduce costs over time.

“The industry adoption rate of this new technology has been overwhelming,” said Gianni Marostica, president of Airline Passenger Solutions for Sabre Airline Solutions. “This architecture has mass appeal for its ability to do what other technologies cannot accomplish at this point. Carriers have been searching for a solution that provides the functionality they need at a price point they desire. SabreSonic is that solution.”

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