Sabre Airline Solutions Introduces Easy-to-Use Revenue Integrity Technology to Protect Airline Revenue and Contain Costs

    SOUTHLAKE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 2004--

               SabreSonic continues to forge new ground
                in new generation passenger management

  Acquisition of Lanyon, LTD, leverages flexible technology solution

Sabre Airline Solutions, the industry leader in airline operations technology, announced today the launch of a new component for SabreSonic, the industry’s first new generation passenger management suite. The new component is a breakthrough offering that enhances the SabreSonic suite by automating revenue integrity processes, offering airlines flexible, easy-to-use technology for protecting existing revenue streams in a cost effective manner.

Revenue integrity management tools are a strategic element in an airline’s overall revenue management capabilities, allowing carriers to:

    --  detect and optimize less profitable bookings

    --  reduce and normalize overbooking

    --  eliminate inventory spoilage

    --  improve load factor

As part of the new product launch, Sabre Airline Solutions announced the acquisition of Lanyon, LTD., a leading provider of business process management (BPM) software to the airline and travel industries. Integration of Lanyon’s DigitalQueue Revenue Integrity Management software with the SabreSonic suite provides a complementary and complete offering in revenue integrity.

Along with this revenue integrity technology, Sabre Airline Solutions also gained a set of processes that evaluates fare and other data on global distribution systems (GDS) to ensure consistency and data integrity with the actual fares attached to the carrier’s inventory on their host reservations system. By identifying incorrect information and taking corrective measures in the GDS, a carrier is able to prevent unnecessary credit memos, customer dissatisfaction, and negative agency relationships.

“Lanyon is a natural fit for our global airline customer base,” said Gianni Marostica, president of the Airline Passenger Solutions business within Sabre Airline Solutions. “The solutions they have developed are specific to the travel industry and are built on an open systems platform, consistent with our SabreSonic suite of products and services. This means we can enhance our revenue integrity management solutions to both current and future Sabre Airline Solutions customers almost immediately.”

The offering will be available for both hosted and non-hosted carriers.

The revenue integrity technology for non-hosted carriers is available as a stand-alone offering allowing carriers to select this technology even if they use an in-house or third party reservations solution. For hosted carriers, the revenue integrity technology is integrated into the hosted SabreSonic offering.

The technology permits the user to customize and edit the control data that modifies the way the processes work specific to the airline via a Web-based interface in an easy to use point and drag environment. Airlines will be able to review results of these processes from the Web. The revenue integrity technology will also offer passenger-messaging capabilities at a lower cost compared to other solutions in the market.

“Revenue integrity requirements have existed for a long time, and they are often performed in a labor intensive and thus expensive manner. Also, contrary to traditional robotics, our solution automates this process without excessively increasing CPU usage. Increased revenue Integrity functionality been the functionality of most interest at the SabreSonic Customer Community Forum this year,” said Marostica. “Protecting revenues in today’s environment has become increasingly difficult, and it is imperative that airlines have tools that help them address any areas that are leaking revenue without significantly increasing labor costs as with traditional solutions. Our new revenue integrity capabilities will allow airline analysts to create and monitor automated processes as a replacement for repetitive, cost-intensive legacy processes.”

“Integration of the Lanyon line-up of airline software products into the SabreSonic portfolio is a highly strategic event for us,” said Nick Lanyon, Lanyon president and CEO. “Like Sabre Airline Solutions, our people have in-depth experience with the travel industry and an unflagging commitment to unleashing the power of open technology. We look forward to bringing the benefit of our years of industry innovation and service to Sabre Airline Solutions’ customers worldwide.”

London -based Lanyon, founded 17 years ago, currently serves seven airline customers including British Airways and Air Canada.

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