Sabre Airline Solutions expands global customer care with new support center

Bangalore operations integrated with Uruguay support center to strengthen customer service

BANGALORE, Nov. 4, 2008 – Sabre Airline Solutions has opened a new, full-service customer care center in Bangalore, expanding its current customer support operations and providing enhanced expertise to Sabre’s global airline customers.

The center, to be fully operational by Jan. 1, 2009, will complement the current customer care center in Montevideo, Uruguay. The two centers will be completely integrated to provide Sabre’s global customers with even stronger 24/7 support. The new Bangalore center represents Sabre’s continued investment in providing its customers the industry’s best customer service. Integration of the centers in Uruguay and India also bring Sabre closer to its airline customers around the world.

As part of the Sabre Customer Care center operations, nearly 50 advanced support specialists across Sabre Airline Solutions’ 14 product suites are located at customer care centers in Montevideo and Bangalore, India. These specialists focus on providing advanced maintenance services to our customers worldwide. Sabre Airline Solutions has invested over 7,500 hours this year alone in training time to this team and will continue to build on that investment throughout 2009.

“By opening this new support center in Bangalore, we will be able to enhance the level of service provided to our customers in significant ways,” said Nejib Ben-Khedher, senior vice president, Consulting and Solutions Delivery for Sabre Airline Solutions. “But most importantly, by fully integrating the two support operations, Sabre now offers a true “follow-the-sun model,” with two groups of resources applying their knowledge and experience within the same hours of the day, every day.

“This enhanced model, which is based on our current 24/7 customer support operation, will result in a more solid, constantly improving knowledge base, more focused resource direction and enhanced, quicker turn-around times,” Ben-Khedher said.

The Bangalore support team will extend and augment the service currently being provided by Sabre Airline Solutions personnel in Montevideo, operating mainly during the daylight hours of the Asia/Pacific region. As with Montevideo, the additional Bangalore Sabre Airline Solutions team will include both frontline support personnel as well as resources supporting key products in an advanced support capacity. The Bangalore operation will be an extension of the Montevideo desks, responsible for covering the night-time hours in Montevideo with a complete and seamless operational integration.

The Bangalore customer care center affords Sabre the ability to easily leverage the larger, global Sabre Airline Solutions team of delivery and development expertise that has already been established across the company’s solution portfolio. Sabre has formed a comprehensive center of excellence in Bangalore with in-depth knowledge on a number of airline functional areas including, Sabre’s Rocade Suite, AirOps Suite, AirCrews, AirFlite Suite, AirMax Suite, Quasar system and SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service.

“We have significantly increased our capabilities in our Bangalore center since its inception in 2005. Customer care is a key component of our strategy to do more end to end solution development, delivery and support for our global customers out of the Bangalore site.” said Bangalore-based Shail Maniar, vice president for Sabre Airline Solutions.

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