Sabre Airline Solutions Appointed Technical Service Provider for the Arabesk Group; Founder Airlines Target Summer 2006 for Implementation of Network Co-Operation

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 8, 2006–Founder members
of the Arabesk Group, a commercial co-operation initially involving
seven Middle East airlines, have formalised their relationship. This
is the culmination of a year of preparation, during which Sabre
Airline Solutions’ consulting group assisted the carriers in studying
the viability of the project.

Articles of Co-operation have been adopted that set out the ways
in which the founding members will work together for mutual benefit.
They include sections on governance, membership criteria, dispute
resolution, commercial activity, operations, financial obligations and
ongoing construction of the group.

Sabre Airline Solutions has been appointed technical advisor to
the group and will assist the airlines in executing the agreement. The
carriers have already started co-operating on flights and each will
have code-share flights and special prorate agreements (SPAs) with
other members during the Summer 2006 schedule period.

The airlines involved are Egyptair, Gulf Air, Middle East
Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Tunisair
and Yemen Airways (Yemenia).

“I am pleased to have Sabre Airline Solutions consulting, together
with our organisation, play an important role in developing this
intra-regional co-operation,” said Abdul Wahab Teffaha, secretary
general of the regional representative body, the Arab Air Carriers
Organisation (AACO). “The chief executives from the seven launching
carriers demonstrated their clear support of the concept and removed
all hurdles to bring it to fruition. The co-operation is already
yielding benefits for the individual carriers and is demonstrating
that this is a good path for the future, as well as providing value
added service to the travellers through better market coverage.”

Nejib Ben-Khedher, president and managing partner of the
consulting group at Sabre Airline Solutions, said: “The Arabesk
initiative is proof that airlines in the same region can work together
effectively, through ensuring that schedule co-operation occurs while
allowing free and open competition. We’re confident that Arabesk Group
will stimulate traffic growth in the region and improve the market
share of each of the members. The early results have been impressive.”

Other airlines have expressed interest in membership and will
follow an application procedure defined in detail in the Articles of

Sabre Airline Solutions has nearly tripled the size of its
consulting business in the past three years, with the Middle East
contributing significantly to this growth. More than 25 percent of the
consulting business’ 2005 revenue was generated in this region. After
a successful commercial assistance project with Egyptair in 2003 and
2004, Sabre Airline Solutions’ consultants supported Gulf Air in its
recent return to profitability and are conducting a large turnaround
engagement at Yemenia.

“Arabesk speaks both to our strength in the area of airline
planning and to our familiarity with the Middle East region,” said
Ben-Khedher. “We are proud of our partnership with the Arab carriers
and want to continue supporting the community of airlines in the
region to allow them to remain competitive and to capture a large
share of the growth that this dynamic region is witnessing.”

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