Radixx’s Latest Product Launch Enables Contactless Airport Operations

Posted August 25, 2020

Radixx, a Sabre company, and leading airline technology provider announces the launch of their latest addition to Radixx Go™ airport technologies, Radixx Go™ Touchless. Industry experts agree that the use of new technologies such as biometric identification that enable touchless operations will also enable airlines to provide an efficient and safe travel experience for passengers as they transit airport terminals. As the industry navigates the complexities of travel during the current COVID pandemic, it becomes particularly important to implement disruptive technologies like Radixx Go™ Touchless. According to the report published by T2RL in May, there will be a demand for significant new technology to accommodate regulations and processes for passengers during the travel journey.

Radixx is building on its existing partnership with INK Aviation to provide a complete solution, including kiosks, biometric enrollment, and recognition technologies, and software that will allow travelers to check-in for their flights, check their baggage and customize their experience by purchasing additional services, all without having to physically interact with airline staff or shared hardware.

“Radixx is committed to providing our airline partners with innovative solutions that increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction while providing a safe travel experience in a post COVID world.” Said Radix Senior Vice President and General Manager, Chris Collins.

Radixx has been increasing customer expectations for a quick and seamless airport experience since the launch of the Radixx Go™ Departure Services Suite in 2018. Radixx Go began providing its airline partners with web-based and mobile solutions to increase check-in speed, reduce queues, optimize turnaround times, and enable convenient retail opportunities throughout the travel journey. In our current environment, the industry and the traveling public are demanding a safe and seamless airport experience reducing the need to interact with potentially contaminated surfaces and increasing the speed and efficiency of the check-in process. Radixx Go™ Touchless technology is an effective solution to assist travelers during the COVID crisis and beyond.

The touchless journey can begin even before the passenger heads to the airport.” Explains Chief Product Officer at Radixx, Mike Barrera. “Whether using our mobile applications for biometric enrollment, remote controlling a kiosk, or using our kiosk to weigh and register their baggage, our touchless airport technologies enable our airline partners to adhere to social distancing guidelines by spreading out their airport experience. The Radixx Go™ Touchless solution also provides many operational benefits by making the airport experience more efficient, seamless, and safe. We are confident that travelers will feel an increased level of safety and loyalty when flying with an airline that uses Radixx.” Continued Mr. Barrera.

The Radixx Go™ Touchless suite consists of Radixx Go™ Touchless Kiosk, Arch, Quicktag, and Mobile App and API. The solutions use biometric technology to automate and move a variety of services to a touchless process including:

  • Check-in and boarding pass printing
  • Baggage check
  • Checked baggage weighing and drop off
  • Associated baggage fees
  • Ancillary payments
  • Passport scanning

In just two easy steps, travelers will print bag tags and check-in using proximity-activated biometrics or control the device remotely from their phone and proceed to a designated bag drop location including the collection of any associated baggage fees. When integrated with a payment device, weight scale, boarding pass, and passport scanner, the solutions will provide the most seamless check-in and bag drop experience available on the market today. In recent tests, this solution has been found to take no more than ten seconds per bag.

Radixx is committed to providing airline partners around the globe with differentiated products to exceed customer expectations. With the use of Radixx Go Touchless software and INK hardware, airlines can offer their passengers a completely hands-free airport experience, increasing loyalty and safety for agents and passengers alike.

To see the solution demo, contact sales@radixx.com

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